The new internet routing protocol

The internet layer for decentralize the web from SYNTROPY is getting more robust

By Cryptoray | SYNTROPY | 14 May 2022

The future of the internet with Syntropy

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In the latest release of Syntropy Stack the team has been adapting the product to better align with upcoming features, and these aesthetic and functional updates are also expected to improve your experience with Syntropy Stack.

Segment Routing matters

Syntropy's segment routing approach goes beyond the scope of traditional SD-WAN solutions and fits perfectly with the strategy of connecting all distributed sites around the world through the Internet alone. Instead of relying on Internet service providers, where control is relinquished once the packet leaves the private network, Syntropy's relay network optimizes traffic while in transit to the destination. This not only significantly reduces packet loss and round-trip times, but also saves a lot of time previously spent troubleshooting between multiple service providers. Network automation and visualization are beneficial for organizations and can make managing a complex network more efficient, less expensive, and less strenuous.

New Features & Improvements

  • Added more events to be tracked in the Audit log
  • New implementation of a notification microservice
  • Full coverage service coverage with health checks
  • Rewritten the date selector for global improvements
  • Migrated to TimescaleDB for more resilient Analytics
  • Applied multiple visual improvements for the Dark theme
  • Implemented multiple SDN Path calculation optimizations
  • Added support to automatically select the platform theme based on the user system settings

Redesigned the "Services" dropdown to appear in a better location in the "Connections" table Redesigned the   Implemented an ability to set up a non-expiring agent token Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Audit log date ranges issue
  • Audit log is now receiving live data
  • Fixed too restrictive User search in the Audit log
  • Fixed Audit log results refresh issue after the filters are closed
  • Fixed service count numbers are stuck after services are disabled
  • Access tokens do not require a description anymore
  • Fixed active service reporting on the endpoint level
  • Fixed IP address cropping in the tooltip


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Syntropy is revolutionizing the internet with innovative routing technology which speeds up the internet and fortifies data security.

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