NOIA Network - The new guide to know their upcoming internet routing service
NOIA upcoming update

NOIA Network - The new guide to know their upcoming internet routing service

By Cryptoray | NOIA Network official | 26 Feb 2020

What is NOIA Network?

NOIA Network strives to build the world’s most advanced routing technology to enable an all-encrypted and performance-focused Internet accessible to millions of people and businesses worldwide.

Any device (laptop, mobile, server, router, etc.) can be instantly connected through a private encrypted network that automatically routes traffic along the measured lowest latency path globally and drops all but authenticated traffic.

The technology is able to speed up the internet connection more than tenfold, removing any performance-reducing bottlenecks, and significantly improving its security, privacy, and reliability. It operates right on top of the public internet while having support from a globally dispersed network of data centers and community-run nodes.

The size and the scope of the industry that’s focused on solving Internet problems in one way or another are simply staggering. The majority of the players in the space today offer very much outdated, incredibly complex and rigid solutions that only the enterprises can afford to pay for.

Software-Defined Networks (SDN), Private Cloud, and VPN market combined will reach $175B by 2022.

What we are doing differently is we’re looking at these problems fundamentally, and solving them from the ground up. By doing that we can eliminate major design flaws and limitations preventing us from having secure, private and fast internet connectivity by default and at all times.

The team knows how the Internet of the future shall look like and operate to make all of this possible. It is, however, no easy task. And NOIA's developers have already spent more than 1.5 years developing the technology. Taking into account all of the developers' time spent working on this, it adds up to around 16 man-years!

This is a journey, and until the NOIA core team achieves the ultimate design, it first needs to reach multiple milestones. NOIA is aiming to disrupt the segment routing on the internet and elaborate a plan to make the Internet better in their upcoming roadmap that will be released shortly.

NOIA Network prepares for a major product release

NOIA is coming close to being ready for the product launch that will consist of a few parts:

1-SRv6 backbone — a high capacity network infrastructure

2-SDN Software-as-a-Service for enterprises — a lightweight solution for companies to set up their private network infrastructures

3-NOIA application for retail users — a gateway to a faster alternative to the public Internet






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The fastest way to catch-up NOIA:


▪️ January overview (
▪️ End of the Year Update from the Co-founders (


Important announcements:

️️▪️ NOIA Token Release Schedule for 2020

▪️ NOIA Network prepares for a major product release

▪️ Tony Greenberg and RampRate Join NOIA

▪️ Cisco includes NOIA’s code into Segment Routing codebase

▪️ The Programmable Internet and NOIA Tokenomics Whitepapers released

▪️ NOIA Network has been included in the IETF draft

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Last development updates:
 01.30- (

 02.13 (


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I am an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and new technologies. Proud NOIA Network Ambassador

NOIA Network official
NOIA Network official

NOIA network is revolutionizing the internet with innovative routing technology which speeds up the internet and fortifies data security.

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