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By no_name_c3po | no_name_c3po | 11 May 2021

The pandemic has changed the rules of the game of making money for everyone, and the IT industry is no exception. Most of the time since the beginning of the pandemic, it turned out to be very unsuccessful and those companies that could not switch to remote operation suffered losses, or were completely liquidated. But for some, on the contrary, this period was the start. The niche of blockchain projects attracted a lot of public attention, which in turn made it possible for even Elon Musk to make money. Below we will consider the options for earning money in the cryptoindustry, taking into account the lack of experience and not only.

How to make money on cryptocurrency without experience


More than ten years have passed since Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. So it remains to this day the first and most popular cryptocurrency. Despite the great popularity of bitcoin, other types of currencies have appeared on the market - altcoins, stablecoins and many others. The cryptocurrency market has more than 7 thousand analogues, many of which are much more perfect than bitcoin.

What to do if nothing is clear, but you want to make money


You don't have to be an advanced broker and understand tricky quotes. Experienced programmers have been in the subject for a long time and earn decent money. But a simple person who is far from programming can also make a successful start. It is enough to correctly invest in any popular cryptocurrency and receive a stable profit. For a beginner, the recommendations of earning professionals will be useful.

Invest in Staking


Staking is nothing more than the process of investing in cryptocurrency in order to make a profit. In addition to the fact that interest on the invested funds is charged daily, profit is still growing due to the growth of the cryptocurrency. It is worth paying attention not only to bitcoin. You can safely invest in other types of currencies:

  • WISE
  • PIVX
  • DASH
  • NAV

To make it more clear, the value of WISE is 20 ERC token. This is the safest type of cryptocurrency to earn money, which guarantees more than 5 percent per annum using staking. You can withdraw interest or all investments at any time.

Long term investment


From the first day of depositing investment funds, a portfolio of cryptocurrencies with positive potential is formed. The investment is made for a certain period of time. It remains only to observe the growth of the price of the cryptocurrency, and when it reaches a peak (according to the investor), he sells it profitably.

This type of investment does not provide for earnings on interest, which are accrued on the amount of the deposit. The best currency for this type of earnings is:

  • Bitcoin;
  • ETH;
  • Free TON;

For example, investors who bought bitcoin early last year and sold it in February this year increased their deposit amount fivefold. A similar situation happened with ETH, which grew eightfold in a year.

Trading on the cryptocurrency exchange


It is similar to trading currency pairs, but more profitable. The investment is short-term. The investor buys coins and calmly waits until they grow, and then sells them right there on the exchange. This type of investment that you need to do on a daily basis. It is most profitable to invest in the currency that has just appeared on the exchange, which is very risky, or use the best practices of other investors and view projects that show stable growth.

There is also the possibility of earning from a useful action. This type can be seen on the example of competitions.

Why contests are useful for the crypto community


Free TON like-minded people argue that contests create a spirit of cohesion in the community, increase interest and attract new members. For those who won the competition, the benefit is not only in the fact that the winner will take the money prize, but also in participation in the project. Over time, their project comes to life, there is joy, a sense of the need for their work, pride in their contribution to the current state of the blockchain.

Competitive strategy helps each participant to contribute to the creation of a promising project. An open discussion allows you to fully express your opinion, excluding the passivity of community members who thought they did not have the right to vote. On the other hand, this is a reduction in the time to innovate, because a smaller batch of tokens is distributed much faster among the winners. Of course, this is a huge advantage over grants, which take at least several months to receive,



Whatever type of earnings you choose - remember that the choice is yours and only you decide what is right and what is not. But I can say one thing for sure - contests are the most profitable way to make a profit without cash investments.

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