Visa Debit Update announced upcoming changes to terms of their Visa card. According to, in an email message sent to users: “To ensure long-term sustainability, we are introducing a number of changes to the CRO Card rewards programme, effective 1 June 2022”. 

1. Reduction of CRO Card Rewards
This is the biggest piece to me. I have blogged in the past about my use of the Visa card. Anyone with an ongoing stake will continue to earn at the present tier, until the 180 day stake ends.  Any new user, or any existing user after the end of their current 180 stake, will then earn at the new, lower rate.  


Card Tier Revised CRO Card Rewards

No Stake Active Stake

Midnight Blue 0% 0%

Ruby Steel 0% 0.5%

Royal Indigo /
Jade Green 0.5% 1.5%

Icy White /
Frosted Rose Gold 1% 3%

Obsidian 2% 5%

Table 1: Revised CRO Card Rewards

2. Introduction of monthly CRO Card rewards Cap

Additionally, depending on your tier, your rewards may now be capped monthly.



Card Monthly CRO Card rewards cap (in USD or the equivalent amount in other local fiat currencies)

Ruby Steel $25

Royal Indigo /
Jade Green


These changes do not seem positive for the user, despite saying they are necessary for long term viability. I know in the short term, I will be using the card only for subscriptions (the new plan does not omit reimbursement for Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime memberships) because I have other cards available with better rewards structure. 

Let me know what you think in the comments and follow me for more user friendly content. 

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