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By BlueMan | Nix Wizards | 6 Oct 2021

There are many games out there that focus on wizards, dragons and this common theme. Nix Wizards NFT collection is bringing the same fun you have found in other games to the NFT world. Using items, wizards and more you can grow your collection, trade, even sell your NFTs for profit. This collection is new and currently is preparing to go through the whitelisting process on AtomicHub. We hope to bring huge value and plenty of fun to all those who choose to participate in our new wizardly collection.

Getting Started With Nix Wizards NFT Collection

The initial goal is to build out the stats matrix to make all the NFTs carry the appropriate weight in accordance to each other. Then to build out the collection, which will take some time, but there are already some available. Once the collection is in good standing and has been whitelisted there will be multiple airdrops where those that follow us on our socials will be able to get some NFT items for free or way below market value initially. This will reward those who get on board early.

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What Does The Future Hold

As the collection matures, it is our goal to work with developers to create an NFT game where the cards can be played,  crypto currency can be won and wagered on battles, cards can be blended and combined to upgrade your team and so much more. This will bring a huge value to early holders of our NFTs and will help others discover what Nix Wizards has to offer.

We are looking at new ways to integrate with other ecosystems and possibly even partnering with other creators to make the most out of the Nix Wizards collection today and for years to come. Holding our cards alone, may give utility to obtaining NFTs from other NFT collections and may be burnable to receive crypto currency rewards. As these concepts come together and we begin to develop them, we will update our bloc here to keep our fans and community on top of what is new and what is to come.

Looking forward to the future we hold together with the Nix Wizards NFT collection,


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Nix Wizards
Nix Wizards

Learn about the Nix Wizards NFT project in this blog. Love wizards? Start collecting these digitized artworks of all things wizardly. Some NFT's found here are basic digital art created from ASCII art generators and recently we have started a new line of Trading Cards that include a variety of magical items and soon characters as well. We plan on developing blend able NFTs or possibly even an NFT card game as our project grows.

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