Weighing Options - How Low Will You Sell Your NFT For?

By BlueMan | Nix Wizards | 11 Oct 2021

So as our project moves forward there are many things to consider and as we ponder on the next right step, there is hesitation. Considering options for gaming, blending, utility and more there are so many different challenges to overcome. Working with the right artists to bring some great looking NFTs to our followers is probably at the top of our list, but we have to think 10 steps ahead as our following and the expectation of our overwhelming success continues to grow.

At the current state, our NFTs are selling, they are trading we are building a tribe of amazing followers who are dedicated to our project and all that it has to offer. We consider this each and every day and hope to under promise and over deliver on every point we have brought up in the past. Recently we were asked for a cheap sale of one of our NFTs on one of our social channels. This was at first "exciting" we are always glad to sell and bring in resources that can be used to help build our project and extend our reach. Then after a short pause, we had to politely decline the offer. This was not easy, as we are new and could use the WAX, the real problem was not the sale, it was how it would effect the community as a whole and that is why we had to make the hard decision.

When a creator discounts a sale, this can be a simple sale. Our project is rather new, still growing and we are in a slightly different situation than a more established NFT project. This particular NFT was selling organically for a fair price, after the team reviewed recent sales, people had been dumping them for bargain bin prices and this was causing the suggested market price on to plummet. This is a serious concern for many sellers, creators and NFT projects.

Our goal from here forward is to protect the investment of those whom have already invested in our project and continue to develop the value of the NFTs that our fans have already purchased and added to their personal NFT collection. We will not take any actions that will dilute the value of your NFTs in hand and we look forward to developing our 3D NFT collection moving forward to extend the premium side of our visual brand. Discounted NFTs, Free NFTs and other exclusive rewards will continue to happen on our Twitter account and Telegram group, but we will do everything we can to protect the value of our items even if it means missing out on profits.

We are in this for the long haul and hope you are too!

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Nix Wizards
Nix Wizards

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