Nix Wizards - Considering Utility Token Creation

Nix Wizards - Considering Utility Token Creation

By BlueMan | Nix Wizards | 26 Nov 2021

We have been doing a considerable amount of thinking on what the next steps are for this project.

Next week, as we compile the required information to start going to through the process of whitelisting on we will start moving that direction. I know it has been a long time coming, but we wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row to make a go of this and make sure it is done the right way. This will hopefully open the doors for our followers and fans to sell the NFTs they currently hold on the secondary market, make our new NFT drops not only easier to create, but make them more frequent as well as bring new functionality to our collection.

While thinking of ways to bring more value to those who HODL our NFTs, there are many concepts that we have considered, gamification, blending for higher rarity cards, and we have even considered moving to other platforms that offer a higher value and tradability in general. However, since we have started on the WAX ecosystem, we really want to stay here if possible.

To move towards gaming and using Wizard cards to blend, battle and more, there is one missing piece of the puzzle and it has become very apparent that there is only one way forward for the project. We must create our own token. We must have something to create value outside of the simple collectability of our NFTs. We want to make our collection not only fun for our fans and followers, but we want to make it profitable as well. This is something that we know will take time and commitment from our team, as well as some patience and blind faith from those who love what we have done this far.

We are not afraid of an uphill battle as long as the payoff for the Nix Wizards NFT community is worthwhile. To bring staking, gaming and other utility to our community, we are considering moving forward with our own token on the EOSIO blockchain. This would mean rewards would be tradable on WAX and down the road, other for other EOSIO tokens as well. We hope you are as excited as we are about the possibilities this will bring to all of us.

However, the problem we are being confronted with today, is cost. To commission the setup of this it is going to cost thousands of dollars. At this time we are thinking of promotional offers that would not only help us raise the funds, but also provide future utility and earnings for those members that believe in us and are willing to buy in early while there is nothing but potential in the future. It may turn out that our project needs to mature somewhat prior to us releasing NFTs that are available for sale to reap the future rewards, but we are considering many options here.

I just wanted to take a moment to share where we are at and were we plan on going. We will be working out a proper whitepaper in the near future and we want to say Thank You to everybody who has been following, supporting and spreading the word about Nix Wizards up until now and reassure you, we have plans to make our project stronger as we grow!

Nick Simpson

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Nix Wizards
Nix Wizards

Learn about the Nix Wizards NFT project in this blog. Love wizards? Start collecting these digitized artworks of all things wizardly. Some NFT's found here are basic digital art created from ASCII art generators and recently we have started a new line of Trading Cards that include a variety of magical items and soon characters as well. We plan on developing blend able NFTs or possibly even an NFT card game as our project grows.

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