How To Get The Most Of The Cryptocurrency- 3 Different Ways to Earn Money

How To Get The Most Of The Cryptocurrency- 3 Different Ways to Earn Money

By nitfab | Nitin fab | 9 Aug 2021

I have been buying and selling cryptocurrencies to invest my money. Well, I don't have enough time so I basically buy at a low price and sell at a high price.

Yes sometimes even I lose my money but so far I am profitable.

I don't work a 9-5 job so I have enough time to explore different ways to earn money. And believe me or not, I have read more than 1,000 articles and watched more than 100 videos related to earn money.

And literally, I have learned a lot thanks to experts who helped me.

So I will be focusing on different ways to earn money with the help of cryptocurrency.

1. Investing In Cryptocurrency

One of the easiest ways to earn money is by investing your 5-10% of your monthly earning to cryptocurrencies. Yes, you don't have to do intraday trading and don't even have to learn a lot.

It is that simple.

If you want to learn more about it, you can read this post

2. Writing On Publish0x

So you are investing your money in cryptocurrency. And after some time, you will get enough knowledge about cryptocurrencies so you can even teach others about them.

Here is a link if you want to start. Actually, I loved the platform a lot. Here you earn cryptocurrency and anyone can earn, it is that simple.

In simple terms, Publish0x has a tipping feature where anyone can tip to their favorite creator, and both the creator, as well as the reader, will earn the cryptocurrencies. 

And what's more, you don't have to spend a single dollar for that. 

3. Creating Videos On YouTube

Cryptocurrency is relatively new and most of the world don't invest in it. But it will raise enough and it the best time to educate others about it.

So you are investing in cryptocurrencies and know more than others. So you can also make videos related to cryptocurrencies and express your views, knowledge about it to the online world.

Yes, several other creators are creating videos related to cryptocurrencies and earning a lot through it.

Try to give time to the above methods and your future will drastically change.

That's it for today-thanks.


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