Nature Photography: My Forest Findings
green lizard

Nature Photography: My Forest Findings

By Ghostcat | Night And Mirrors | 17 Jun 2020

Last weekend I took a stroll on the forest reserve of Vila do Conde, Portugal, here called Naturconde. Armed with a camera in hopes of getting some decent photos, here´s what I managed to capture:

black bird

The first animal I managed to encounter was this bird, it´s a Common Blackbird (Turdus merula). In this place it harder to spot birds than it was to listen to them due to a large number of trees.

green lizard

The second animal I managed to find was this Green Lizard (Podarcis virescens) or Carbonell´s Wall Lizard (Podarcis carbonelli) which is hard for me to determine, a very common reptile around these parts. I sometimes see them in urban hiding between cracks on the walls and pavements. It was very still when I took this photo, they are very fast, when escaping. They are sometimes known to lose their tails when threatened and can grow them back. Males tend to be more colorful with females having a brown color.

robber fly

I also found a couple of insects, this one up here looks its a member of the order diptera, basically the order where flies and mosquitos. It kinda look s like a version of one As it turns out it is called a Robber Fly from the Asilidae family, they are a predatory species, feeding off of other insects. Also the plants there attracted pollinators like butterflies, bees, and even wasps.


orange butterfly


All and all it was a good day. I wish I had seen more birds, but at least I didn´t leave empty-handed. Going to these places is always exciting because I never know what I´m gonna find.



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