Nature Photography: Finding Mushrooms
disc mushroom

Nature Photography: Finding Mushrooms

By Ghostcat | Night And Mirrors | 10 Jul 2020

I have been looking through some old pictures of mine, and I found this cool looking mushrooms. Photos were taken in November 2019, Vila do Conde Portugal.


shromm grass

There were other mushrooms as well, but I have no clue if these are the same species in different growth phases are simply a different kind.



disc shroom


Interestingly enough I found them near the dunes, which isn´t a place I think I would find them but here we are.

The only exception is the one below, which was found in a forest instead. The zone in question is Naturcond. I actually wrote an article about it here.


Mushrooms aren´t always easy to find. But if you pay attention by walking to more damp grassy areas, or forest with a lot of old trunks laying around it is possible to see them. most people recommend Autumn as the perfect season to hunt for mushrooms.

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