Insect Photography
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Insect Photography

By Ghostcat | Night And Mirrors | 12 May 2020

Hello, this is my first ever post here on Publish0X and I would like to start off by showing some of work here. I´m an hobby photographer, and have been at it for quite some time now. Sometimes I use my Huawei as my camera, other times I use my good old Canon 500D as my instrument of work

One of my favorite animal and subjects of Photos Are of course insects and of course arachnids. There are the most diverse groups of animals in the world. 


Long Horn Beetle  On Forest Floor


I fell in love with them since I was a kid, and I love all the different colors and shapes. I would spend hours just  observing them as a form of entertainment.


Beetle Photo Take with Macro Lens


Bee on Flower

Not to mention how  important they are to the local ecosystem, from pollinators, as a food source for other animals and as decomposers.



I hope you guys enjoy these and I hope to post more of my stuff on this site.


Amateur Photographer and Supernatural Nerd

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