Ducks on a Duck Pond

Ducks on a Duck Pond

By Ghostcat | Night And Mirrors | 27 Jun 2020



So, as it turns out my town has a park with this huge artificial lake which is home to a lot of birds. Sometimes I see people feeding and interact with them. I used my trusty Canon Camera to take these:


I think out of all the ducks the Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) is my favorite because of the green head of the male. A few facts about this duck breed: They are a very social species are the main ancestor of most domestic ducks, enjoy eating plants and small animals.


They can also be found all over the world, but due to their domestication, they can end up sometimes as an invasive species in a certain area. In fact some conservation groups are worried about genetic pollution because they end up breeding with endemic duck species.

duck pair

These Ducks are also monogamous which is a contrast to other ducks species who are polygamous. Ironically both males and females become aggressive during mating season in order to ward off competitors or to attract mates. Some males have even been found attempting to mate with other males as well. Their reproductive organs are also very bizarre, as unlike other birds, instead of a cloaca they have full-on external penises.
These organs are shaped like a corkscrew in other to make it easy for them to penetrate the maze-like vagina of the female.

Yes, ducks are as bizarre as they are cute.

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