Drawtober #3: Midnight Feast

By Ghostcat | Ghastly Mirrors | 15 Oct 2020

My third entry for Drawtober. I´m keeping this article short this time. I decided to draw a Halloween crow.

halloween crow

I had fun making this, decided to give it a witch hat. This was made using a light pencil, a 0.5 fineliner pen and colored pencils. I wasn´t sure what to draw for this prompt, so I kept it pretty simple this time, I probably wanted to make it in the style of a postcard.

Here´s also a black and white version without the pencils:


I decided to use pencils this time because I´m trying to experiment with different materials for color. I also digitalized the colorless drawing just in case I didn´t like how it looked. Maybe I could start my own handmade personal coloring book for this purpose. People do those, right?

The next prompt is gonna be folklore. So, stay tuned for my art next week.

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