Drawing a Winged Skull
winged skull

Drawing a Winged Skull

By Ghostcat | Ghastly Mirrors | 17 Sep 2020

October has been coming up, and in preparation for the Halloween Spooktober Art challenge, I decided to get a head start and learn how to draw skulls. So, I always struggled with anatomy. Seriously making a realistic skull is hard. Once again, I turned to the internet for my self art education.

This was the end result:

Skull with wings

Following the steps, I drew the lines that would serve me as a guide to constructing a skull.

skull sketch

Then I started to fill in

skull winged

didn´t stop there. I watch more tutorials and started to fill a page with my own designs. Some are great while others not so much. But it was a fun exercise.

skull practice


Bonus Art: Cool Stylized Skulls

cartoon skulls

I really loved these. They are a bit smaller and exaggerated, but make for a cool design. This tutorial was very helpful.

So, yeah this was a fun little project that I wanted to share with you guys. Ever since I picked up drawing, and I have been interested in documenting my learning progress and sharing it with other people online. And who knows, maybe I can also help other people learn along the way.

And why not try drawing a skull yourself? It is a fun thing to do for a Halloween art theme.

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