Cent Dapp Review: Earn ether for your content

By Ghostcat | Ghastly Mirrors | 17 Aug 2020

Hello, I´m sharing yet another app that allows to you earn income for your content.

Cent is at its core a social media dapp in the Ethereum blockchain. It is similar to other sites like publish0x or the Hive blockchain. You can post photos, texts, videos, follow users and tags.

ne thing that I´ve noticed right off the bat, it´s the site has a much bigger focus on creative content. This appealed to me because a lot of the crypto-based sites and dapps I´ve used, focused more on cryptocurrency making it harder for other types of content to gain attention there.

In fact the most popular content there is cryptoart (NFT art pieces), but more traditional artforms like illustration, music, and photography have their own followings as well.

site screenshot

As for earning for posting content, there are two ways: spotting and seeding.

Spotting is the Cent´s version of likes. At the bottom of each post and comment there is a cent bottom, clicking it costs 1 cent in ether, you can click it as many times as you like.

Users can also add a spot bounty on their post in order to incentivize others to interact with their content in the comment section. They can choose to reward the best comment, or the person with the most spots from other users gets the bounty if no one has been selected after 3 days.


Then you have seeding, this is a similar system to Patreon. Each month you can donate a certain amount of ether to to support their growth on the site.


Now, here´s when things get interesting. Supporting creators here is an investment, by seeding them you receive a return of the profits. 47.5% of the seed goes to the creator, another 47.5% goes to the supporters of the previous month and 5% goes to support the site.

The site also has a leaderboard for those who have earned and donated the most, turning the site into a kind of social game.


There are pros and cons to this kind of monetization. Cent does not have a common user fund to rewards its creators, and instead, it comes directly from other users. On one hand, this protects the site from being overwhelmed with spammy low-quality content, because if you want people to support you have create appealing content. I have noticed the content quality surpasses other dapps. On the other, it can take a while to see the fruits of one´s labor to be rewarded, especially if they are just starting out with zero followers. And you might not earn as much when compared to other crypto social media.

Speaking from experience, I have been on this site since March, and I´ve only earned 10,65$ so far with my art and photography, and mostly through spotting.


The other thing that can be a bit of an annoyance, is the logging system. Yes, you can log with an email and password, but then you have to click on an authentication link sent on your email. And sometimes when I open the site on a second tab or a new link, the authorization messages shows up, forcing me to login again. I haven´t seen it much lately, maybe they had already fix it. But it´s something to have in mind.

Depsite this, I think it´s worth checking out. This site is always getting constant updates and responds to feedback. And it can serve as another source of income if you´re already using other sites with a similar premise.

The address is https://beta.cent.co. If you decide to create a account there, you can follow me as nightandmirrors, I always appreciate new followers.

Thanks for reading, if you like my content feel free to support me here or you can tip and follow me on others sites through Cointree


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