Bird Watching From The Comfort of My Home

Bird Watching From The Comfort of My Home

By Ghostcat | Ghastly Mirrors | 10 Sep 2020

Why I always enjoy going out and travel to places like parks and nature reserves for some birdwatching with my trusty camera, I don´t always need to go very far.

When I had to remain stuck at home and to fight my boredom I had to be a bit more creative. Turns out there is no shortage of birds wandering around in my neighborhood due to the presence of trees and gardens.

So here are some of the photos I took and sorted. I used a Canon 500 camera with a zoom lens. If it seems like I managed to get close to them, I didn´t, it´s just the type of lens I used allows me to take bigger pictures of objects from a longer distance.


I found a Magpie breeding pair. They are part of the corvid family and are known to be monogamous. They are really crafty birds some say their intelligence is equivalent to that of chimps.

The building I live next too has a solar panel and roof filled with stones acting like some kind of heat insulation, I think. And it´s probably an attractive place to these birds.

One time I saw them pulling the tail feathers of a pigeon, shame I didn´t manage to catch it on camera.

magpie pair


This is the resident Blackbird. I easily recognized that is the same bird that shows up every day because of his white spots on his head. I heard how some people have found blackbirds with white coloring, usually, they are either fully white or half black, but they are really rare. It´s the equivalent of finding a shiny pokemon in the wild.

It´s due to a condition called partial albinism, however, the reason why they are rare it´s because birds with lighter coloring are more vulnerable to predators since they stand out even among a large group.

But I don´t think it seems to be a problem for this guy. You can barely notice the white unless you pay close attention.


Caugh this dove resting on a street lamp close to my window. They often appear in pairs, so I suspect its mate was not far by. I think they call this particular Dove subspecies, the Eurasian collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto) because it looks like it´s wearing a collar. They are pretty much used to living close to humans and can even be tamed.

I had a relative that used to have a pair as pets and bred them. I constantly hear their characteric goo-GOO-goo sound every morning and early evenings.



If there is one thing that this place doesn't lack its sparrows. Dozens of them. At sunset they make so much noise. I manage to capture them these little guys all in a row.


So, if you´re find yourself still having to stay at home due to quarantine and don´t know how to deal with boredom here´s an idea, just look outside your window. You never know what you might find.

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