How to get +1000 Power in Splinterlands for only 0.04 $ per day
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How to get +1000 Power in Splinterlands for only 0.04 $ per day

By scrapie | NFT Gaming Blog | 27 Nov 2021

If you have already gained some experience in Splinterlands and now would like to earn DEC in Bronze 2, you will face a problem: 1000 Power. I'll tell you the cheapest solution to achieve +1000 power in Splinterlands.

Do not rent golden cards

I read of many players renting two gold cards to get to 1000 power. If we assume the cheapest offer of golden cards, that's still around $0.20 per day. This is very expensive and difficult to recoup.

Focus on Rare or Epic Cards

If you focus on rare cards, you will hardly have any expenses during the day. I currently reach 1000 power for as little as $0.03 per day. But that's because I already own some cards myself, so I only have to rent 800 power.


There are many cheap and rare cards that you can rent for as little as 0.1 - 0.2 DEC per day, which will give you 40 power per card.


Here I have two examples for you:


These 2 cards have 40 power each and with luck you can get them for 0.1 - 0.2 DEC per day. Very cheap.

So if you borrow 25 cards from it, you get 1000 power. For these 25 cards you would pay less than 0.04 $ per day. This 0.04 $ you get back quickly in Bronze 2. Depending on your DEC rate, that's about 3 wins.


As you can see, you can get 1000 Power very cheaply. I hope I could help you as a beginner something with it, if so I would be happy about an upvote from you.


If you don't play Splinterlands yet, I'd love for you to use my invite link.

Repost from my Splintertalks Blog, Author of the original article is myself. (@scrapie)

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