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How to avoid buying fake cryptocurrencies and protect our money?

12 Nov 2022 8 minute read 0 comments nextradix

In recent years we hear more about fake cryptocurrencies and their telegram scams. There are millions of telegram groups linked to cryptocurrencies. Anyone can start a crypto-telegram group. Young and impatient people who are interested in fast ret...

Lessons to be learnt from the freaking fall of FTX.

11 Nov 2022 7 minute read 0 comments nextradix

The FTT tokens on the FTX exchange have dropped to more than 80 percent in these two days. Accounts of investors were frozen and not allowed for withdrawals. In the end, investors in FTT faced a massive loss. The price of the coin dropped from around...

What is Gummys crypto? How to participate in Intial Fan Offerings (IFO)?

10 Nov 2022 2 minute read 0 comments nextradix

What is Gummys? Gummys is a WEB 3.0 streaming and video-sharing platform that is powered by blockchain technology. Users earn cryptocurrency every time they stream or view videos using the native token for the platform, Gummys. Users can sign-up f...

Is Ethereum much bigger than Bitcoin?

10 Nov 2022 5 minute read 2 comments nextradix

Ethereum or Ether is the most talked-about Cryptocurrency in the 21st century. Its potential is more than a Bitcoin. This is what the experts had to say about Ethereum. But, what is Ethereum? Why is it so powerful? What made experts think that Etheru...

What is MUN crypto? How to be eligible for MUN airdrop?

9 Nov 2022 4 minute read 0 comments nextradix

The MUN Blockchain is a Level-1 Blockchain that is based upon Tendermint as a crucial component of the overall concept in Cosmos Hub. It is a cutting-edge Blockchain that is unique in combining blockchain technology with real-world applications to re...

How to buy cryptocurrency in India? A 2022 beginners Guide

9 Nov 2022 3 minute read 0 comments nextradix

Are you struggling to get the right information about how to buy cryptocurrency in India? That’s why we are here. Yes! You are in the right place. In recent years we have seen a surge in Cryptocurrency investments in India.  More than 10 million cryp...