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By Wilboss | Next gen gaming | 25 Sep 2020

so the ps5 and the xbox series x are finally available for preorder so I'm sure your already wrestling with the decision of which one to get and then the added perils of digital or disk? Well I for one am only intrested in the PlayStation for a much awaited ff7 remake we've all been waiting what seems like an eternity for this but from what I have read it will be rolled out across many disks and probably both PlayStations but is it really worth 400 odd quid just for this one game?.......I think it is a yes for me but then I miss out on fable and possibly starfield so many 😕 choices. And then theres the next gen graphics if you haven't done so already check out the trailers for ps5 it will blow your mind and possibly sway you to consider it.. Any games anyone can shout out to waiting for? Here's a list of my most anticipated games 2020 has been a long year and not the most pleasant for many so this list could just save it..

  • Assasins creed valuable
  • Cyberpunk 2020
  • Watchdog legions
  • FF7 remake ( mabye)
  • Rainbow six quarantine
  • Vampyre masquerade blood lines 2
  • Halo infinite
  • Beyond good and evil 2
  • Skull and bones
  • Dying light 2

Many more but these are my favourite anyone got anymore they want add?.....

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