Next BIG NFT Take over? 's digital art
NFT Children's Day

Next BIG NFT Take over? 's digital art


On June 13th 2021, young digital artists worldwide made DIGITAL ART HISTORY by celebrating the first-ever #NFTCHILDRENSDAY! An incredible idea thought of by none other than 12yo Nyla the creator of the signature pieces Long Neckies and  DJ Ugly Catnip.

The NFT Community parted the crypto sea and cheered on the digital arts made by young masterminds of all ages. For the first time, kid artists were given a voice and platform to show off their creations and claim their spot on this high NFT wave. This event has allowed us to find some of the youngest NFT creators in the world; a 9month old baby and 2 years old toddler.

NFTs are still an obscure concept to most. No one could have foreseen how the blockchain would change the game and rules within the art and the creative world forever. Digital artists have now taken the reigns and are calling the shots of their own accord.

But what will the future hold for blockchains in the creative space? It’s still too early to comprehend fully. One thing is for sure, traditional art distribution, book publishing and even copyright laws will take an unprecedented hit. NFTs will send shockwaves through countless industries as the tables will now favour artists and creators.

We all know that NFTs have changed the lives of the likes of Beeple, who sold paintings for a mind-blowing $69million. Then another surprise was the funky flying pop-tart cat which sold for $600,000! No wonder parents are rushing to pick up their kids from their after-school arts program (or slapping down their laptops after useless online schooling) to shove a paintbrush or Wacom pen in their hands.

Parents, this is the time you can now bank on your kid’s art stuck to your fridge. Go through that old box tucked away in your garage and mint the lot. You never know what will catch on. All bets are off. Anything goes. If Crypto Punk can do it, so can your kid!

The Metaverse is an exciting and unpredictable vast space where one could easily and happily get lost in hence why we have created 'NFT Kids Mag', the 1st and biggest NFT community and magazine for kids. Our mission is to provide a fun platform for children and creators of kid-friendly loveable art to showcase their works to the masses. This fantastic project is co-founded by 12yo @Gemeidon, a digital artist and an avid landscape photographer with over 450k views on Google maps.

To celebrate the 1st ever #NFTchildrensday, our team had the immense pleasure of creating some of the promotional material.


It was important for us to highlight the brilliant kid artists we have come across, so we put together this incredible mural...



Watch this fun NFT Children's day video ad the kids put together


Here are some of these digital art prodigies on Insta and Twitter (you can find them all on @nftkidsmag):


12yo Nyla @nylacollection_nft the spark plug behind #nftchildrensday who sold a series of NFTs



12yo @Gemeidon our very own co-founder of @nftkidsmag who sold his first NFT on #nftchildrensday



8yo Sevi @sevilovesart (we call him Baby Banksy) is an autistic artist who is being compared to the likes of the street art Legend. This was painted 2 years ago! He has since gone on to sell an NFT for 1ETH or $2,000 to a California-based tech co-founder.



14yo Belu @belu_drawz sold a series of NFTs



13yo Laya @Laya_mathikshara from India specialises in 3D digital art tech. She is a young female artist who is demonstrating incredible talent as she blends her love for physics to create time encapsulating show stoppers.



16yo Bruno @brunocreates from Germany is rapidly becoming a young legend in the NFT space. He recently sold a piece to the 'SuperRare' artist @jacob for a whooping 1ETH. This piece entitled a 'Florists Dream' is part of a breathtaking collection that will give you a new perspective on time, space and nature.


6yo Emmy @dad_and_kidnft



7yo Zofia @sfiatzofii



6yo Adyant @art_by_adyant


16yo Areeb @areebsdailydraw



6yo Emilio @arte_de_emilio (Twitter)



11yo autistic KC @kingkc_darkside dedicates his art to raising awareness against bullying. A problem that haunts him because of his difference.


6yo Daivik @daivik_sketches



Clara @NikiLeSunshine1



11yo Emmy @emmyraventart


10yo & 8yo Graham sisters 


9month old Maya & 2yo Sophia @2_sisters_NFT, the youngest NFT creators in the world!


3yo Eli who created an animated collab with his grand-aunt @diverse_the_female_beatmaker



Kids from @nftskids



9yo Evie @art_by_evieaged9



Daddy daughter duo @cryptokid_and_analogdad



6yo Creou @creou_nft



10yo Noah @ek819 had his self-portrait minted for his 10th birthday 



Kids from @artbykids



9yo Larion @cryptocubekid (Twitter)



13yo Arthief @arthief_v2



6yo Sophia @cryptoensis



7yo BO @lilhodler


9yo Horacio



10yo Devya @amazingdevya who is using her autism to tap into her super artistic powers.



6yo Riva

A massive thank you and well done goes out to all the young artists, families involved and everyone who supported the day. A special thank you goes out to @Qclubhouse, the NFT collecting giant and @Nft_community, the biggest NFT curator and Publish0x author @leogami for using their space to drum up as much noise as possible. We really felt the love and support on NFT Children's day.

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and check out all these amazing young artists taking over the NFT space!


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NFT Kids Mag
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Next BIG NFT take over: Children's art
Next BIG NFT take over: Children's art

The 1st ever #nftchildrensday On June 13th, children from around the world

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