Ivan on Tech invests in Tixl, an innovative crypto currency combining privacy, instant transactions and zero transaction costs!

Ivan on Tech invests in Tixl, an innovative crypto currency combining privacy, instant transactions and zero transaction costs!

By SatoshiStacker | Newsblock | 23 Aug 2019

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After Ivan studied the progress of the developer's hard work on Tixl, he decided to become one of their angel investors.

This is no way means that Tixl will become a success, but knowing Ivan and his experience in blockchain, I want to make the point it is well worth the effort to check out this project.

                                   youtube video made by Ivan

Better than nano!

The problem that Tixl wants to confront is the lack of a private, instant and zero-fee cryptocurrency. To take on this task, the developers started from scratch, building a completely new technology capable of doing exactly that!

In fact, the solution is influenced by combining several already existing crypto technologies. Tixl uses both DAG (Directed Acyclic Grap) as its data structure, as well as SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) as its consensus algorithm.

But it innovates with a new technology called NTRU, which gives Tixl the ability to hide transaction information from prying eyes.

Who is Ivan?

Ivan is a young but very educated and popular YouTuber, who has a following of 207,406 subscribers!

He tackles the cryptocurrency industries' darkest secrets with often very interesting videos, teaching the average crypto investor and -entrepreneur a thing or two about this young financial technology industry. His work is a knowledge bundle and necessary guide into fintech, that will arm you to be more successful when it comes to investing in these assets.

I have been following Ivan for quite some time, I find him to be a reliable person!


Tixl Website: https://tixl.me/?referralId=3!3LmRPPL

Ivan's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrYmtJBtLdtm2ov84ulV-yg

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. My articles are my personal opinion and only offer you a starting point to do your own research.




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