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Photo Friday - Chicago

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read yk101 $0.01 tipped

Not long ago, I visited Chicago and I had a really great time! It’s a cool city with lots of bars, things to do, places to eat and great vibe. The city itself has many distinct areas: ‘millionaires row’ the hipster areas of Wicker Park, the student a...

Holy Water and Gasoline

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read iconDARK $0.01 tipped

It's the only way to be sure! More fun and games with the "evil" Locrian scale. This one started off as a dark ambient track, and you can almost hear some of that heritage lurking in the background sounds and reverb. But somewhere in the process this...

The Moloch Machine (featuring Temple Of The Haunted Man)

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read AtomCollector $0.01 tipped

Once it has you there is no escape! Music by Temple Of The Haunted Man Lyrics/Vocals by JuxtaSupport us by listening on the following platform(s) (we earn a small amount of crypto and would appreciate it): Appears on: Welcome To Your Life FOLLOW Ju...

Encinitas Break

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read Indus Rush $0.01 tipped

This song was originally written a couple of years back when my son James took me to San Diego as a guest on BA as he was crew. We had a great 3 days there and spent one of them with 3 of my best buddies from Thailand, one of whom lived in Encinitas,...

Kalium - BANANO's mobile wallet is now also on iOS - Join the release party and get free BANANO!

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read banano $0.04 tipped

Just released today: The iOS final built of Kalium, BANANO's mobile wallet which already was released for Android in fall 2018. Continue reading, try the app and find out how to get some free BANANO easily. You'll see this is the slickest app you hav...

My fantasy for crypto

15 Feb 2019 2 minute read Claudio $0.02 tipped

Hello.  I want to talk about my plan in the future.  I dont speak english and i just had like 10 minutes time. But i feel like i want write that fast and share it. ;) I'm in crypto since august 2017 and already make a post about my holdings and story...

African Writers Bureau launching writing courses

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read Mchapeyama $0.02 tipped

Many writers have not had the opportunity to get guidance from established writers. This has slowed their growth. However, new development is on the card to create online writing courses. The courses are going to be practical, aimed at developing wri...

Electron [Artzone & Musicoin EDM Contest Winner]

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read Solar Phasing $0.01 tipped

  Hello Music Lovers, I just won the third place of the Artzone & Musicoin EDM Contest on Steemit with my track: Electron. This is great!! :0) Thank you very much to @ArtZone and all the Team! & Congrats to all the winners! :0)

Everything you need to know about the Golem Network

15 Feb 2019 6 minute read Zoran Spirkovski $5.81 tipped

What is the Golem Network? Golem strives to become the go-to method by which developers, scientists, and animators acquire computational power to process their performance-dense activities. The way it accomplishes this is by connecting thousands of c...

Everything I`ll Ever Need by The Turtle Project and @nakedverse

15 Feb 2019 1 minute read turtle $0.02 tipped

This is a collaboration with Deggsy AKA nakedverseSupport us by listening on the following platform(s) (we earn a small amount of crypto and would appreciate it): Appears on: Choon Submissions On The ACR Discord 18 Jan 2019 FOLLOW The Turtle Projec...