Why are we hating

By Adams Tolani | Newbie post | 11 May 2021

In this life, there is no LOVE. I know you will ask me why? Yeah, there is a reason behind it before I can say this statement. From the very first day, our world was created love already existed. Love is the most important ingredient of the creation of every living thing in this world. 




Our world and everything that is living was the outcomes of love. Love is the basis of our lives. To love and to know love is the single greatest gift we can experience. Love remains a mystery to us. Yet it is so complex and powerful that it guides and rules our lives. Knowing true love is as close to heaven as we are likely to get in this life. Without it, our lives are reduced to meaningless drudgery, misunderstanding, and emptiness. Love can make us grow and transform our lives. 




​In this world we are now, there is no love at all. Love is so much scarce and will keep hurting ourselves.




​If there is love in this world; ​​Why are we killing ourselves? 


Why are we hurting ourselves? 


​Why are we hating? 




There was a friend of mine living in the northern part of Nigeria, he was blinded since he was 7 years old and now he's 37 years of age. He has got married and with two kids but he couldn't recognize them at all up to date. Is that not ridiculous?  


So, one day we got on for spiritual solutions and we were told that the problem he has faced is from her stepmother, that she didn't want him to witness his success.




God has created this world with ​​LOVE  But we human beings have turned everything upside down, we don't love each other, we keep malice and hatred. 




​With this point of view of mine, I don't think there is LOVE in this world or what do you think about this? 




Thanks for reading.

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Adams Tolani
Adams Tolani

I'm a phone engineering, also a writer. I'm cool and gentleman.

Newbie post
Newbie post

Hello family, I'm Adams from Nigeria. I love writing and I'm also engineering. I have heard about this wonderful platform and am here to polish my writing. I want your guardian please, can anyone here help me with that?

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