I'm sorry

By Adams Tolani | Newbie post | 9 May 2021

Saw a distant star, it was big and round. It was black with a white rim on its edges.


Then you came, around smile framing your face.
You looked at me with those round and beautiful eyes.


When you spoke your voice came as sweet as a thousand raindrops in the forest of love.


You always listen to your brain because your heart disappoints you sometimes.


Does your heart reflect me? I wonder about certain moments.




Your brain stores many momentous but your heart stays unchanged.


Love filters around you, you chose not to be fooled by it.
Instead, you become love, so strong yet, so new.


When I looked into the mist I found a butterfly as beautiful as you are.


Love has to come, love has to go you chose to follow you, heart.
Love is like an instrument that plays a beautiful sound, that’s what I found in you.


These words may not be new to you, but I love you.
Sometimes three words are all you need, I understand you if you don’t feel the same way, the chain is at your door.




I couldn’t believe that I had fallen for someone I had never met before.


Each time we speak I can’t believe how true your words speak to me.


I badly want to tell you how I feel about you, but I’m scared.


My heart has been broken so many times; I don’t want that to be so now.


Although I know I can’t afford to fall in love with you, I realized that I already have.


Therefore I have decided to stop us from communicating with each other.




I love you, but the world goes against me

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Adams Tolani
Adams Tolani

I'm a phone engineering, also a writer. I'm cool and gentleman.

Newbie post
Newbie post

Hello family, I'm Adams from Nigeria. I love writing and I'm also engineering. I have heard about this wonderful platform and am here to polish my writing. I want your guardian please, can anyone here help me with that?

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