Satoshi Nakamoto New era

Satoshi Nakamoto New era

By Agch | New technology | 14 Feb 2020

Satoshi Nakamoto

 Is it a pseudonym or is it really your real name?  Anyway, I think it doesn't matter.
 The creation of Bitcoin is due to him.
 He devised the first blockchain database and thanks to him the currency transactions will not take long to process.  Thanks to Him, the peer-to-peer network problem was solved.


As a review, it should be noted that Napster was the first to use something similar to P2P when exchanging files. 

The evolution that is giving to technology will give much to talk for the following years.

 It makes me remember  Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee inventor de la word wide web.     ( Internet).

It completely revolutionized communication and interaction between people giving a more sophisticated twist to communication.

 It is worth mentioning that in my opinion a promising future is foreseen where many people will be interacting via the Internet having access to private archives with unique keys and without having to line up in government agencies, many people will be making monetary transactions, which used to lose a lot of money for  the time in which they were processed.  especially the big companies were the ones that lost the most.

 All this may change and will gradually be implemented.  Banks are the ones most afraid of these changes because large losses of customers are expected.  I would not see it that way.  It is an opportunity for them to start offering mobile transaction services with fast movements and without intermediaries.  Imagine a person being able to enter a virtual bank on your phone where you can access all your funds and make instant withdrawals, in addition to safeguarding property titles.

 Imagine getting official papers from government departments without interacting with people from home.

 All this is seen coming and neither the government nor the banking institutions can stop the change.

 This only just a minimum example of many things that the blockochain will evolve.

 Satoshi Nakamoto thanks for making a real change where many people can benefit.

I thank you for your attention and I leave you with emoji what cryptocurrencies look like today. Cryptocurrencies taken at random.



I am an enthusiastic and persevering person I like the new challenges in life. and I like to adapt to technology.

New technology
New technology

Well first of all I am new here, but I will familiarize myself and I made the decision to write here like many of ya'll. Thanks to publish0x for the space to be able to write what our mind dictates to us. In my first post I will talk about what I think about new technology. Bitcoin is in a stage of emergence and it is important to keep in mind this technology in this time. If you want to have a long-term investment, you better get on the boat.

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