Earn BITCOIN with Lolli

Earn BITCOIN with Lolli

By Agch | New technology | 20 Feb 2020

No one has told you about lolli and how easy it is to save money when making your purchases?

Everyone makes purchases but nobody gives you compensation for making a purchase.  ok then let me tell you that with lolli for each online purchase you receive a bitcoin percentage back to your pocket, not bad.  Let me explain to you.

I did 15 dlls of Bitcoin in less than one month plus 3.86  dollars I received for the increase in bitcoin. 18.86 dlls total. All this for Christmas shopping.

Important note: For best results use google chrome.



This page shows the percentage in Bitcoin that you can earn by making a purchase by clicking in the store.



on this page this is how the profile will look.


Here you will find your wallet and amount you received for each purchase you made.




You decide where to send your money.



I know you will find your favorite store.


Thanks for taking me into consideration. I am very grateful to everyone.

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I am an enthusiastic and persevering person I like the new challenges in life. and I like to adapt to technology.

New technology
New technology

Well first of all I am new here, but I will familiarize myself and I made the decision to write here like many of ya'll. Thanks to publish0x for the space to be able to write what our mind dictates to us. In my first post I will talk about what I think about new technology. Bitcoin is in a stage of emergence and it is important to keep in mind this technology in this time. If you want to have a long-term investment, you better get on the boat.

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