Future of Assisted Transportation Technology

By Hash03 | New Technologies news | 14 Aug 2020

Around the world, people have difficulty for going to their work, school, office, college etc. because of traffic and some other reasons. this mobility problem, makes a great opportunity for Assisted Transportation system set-up in any city. Normally people use public transportation system to move around city because of it's ease of use.  Now imagine a system that can detect vehicles around it and communicate with the environment, moving in city and transporting people and things in the best possible way and fast, this is a great dream for people. For the past few decades, the U.S Department of  transportation has conducted research on a system of special vehicles that are able to sense their environment by help of advanced technologies. This new technology hopefully  will  reduce vehicle-to-vehicle crash possibility by 80 percent. Besides it will reduce the time people normally spend in traffic annually. 


This new technology may bring mobility advancements for people and also make a safer and trusted way for mobility around city. Advanced sensors, computer programing and  communicating with various systems, all help to provide a great improvement in smart mobility and create an intelligent transportation system for the purpose of easing movement of vehicles around city and outside of it. By the increase in population and growth of number of people in cities a need for new roads is expected. But lands for creating new roads are limited and funding for creating new roads seems to decrease. On the other hand the demand for travel is predicted to increase by 50 percent in the next 20 years, and this is a serious concern for the construction industry in the world. Another point that must be noticed is that in some areas, constructing new roads is not feasible anymore, so traffic will keep growing in those areas.

Finally there is a necessary need for intelligent transportation system in big and populated cities, because this system can bring safety, reduce in the traffic rate and ease of mobility for people that are using the system.      

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New Technologies news
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