Budz.Finance - New Project Launch On Binance Smart Chain

By NewCrypto | New Crypto | 19 Feb 2021

Binance Smart Chain has seen major growth over the last few months, and with that a lot of new promising projects launch. The cheap gas fees and quick transactions have made it the ideal place to farm. One particular project that has caught my eye is Budz.Finance. Their satirical take on staking and farming is refreshing to see in a place that has become very serious recently. With it's unique ideas and features and a love for Mary Jane, it's one I will be taking a chance on. 



They have a catchy take on higher means better! The higher the price goes, the higher the APY. (All puns intended) This along with a not seen before halvening feature gives an extra bit of game theory which certainly looks interesting. 


If farming isn't for you there is the option to stake Budz for the long term. This comes with a 42.0% APY, and a rare feature to burn Budz. This is not just a way for you to increase your APY but it also increases the price. I believe the future does hold NFTS for stakers/burners something I will be keeping close tabs on. 


And of course a referral, who wants to smoke by themselves! Refer friends and get an extra bonus 5% on their farming forever. Users must have used the platform before so by all means join up and shill that link -  



Launch is at 12:00 UTC 20/02/2021 on Pancakeswap, so I'm just getting my BNB ready. If you need an account link is below. 


Check it out and see what you think for yourself! 

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