ProximaX project

#ProximaX is a claim to the decentralized application market

What is the ProximaX project?

I will try to answer this question in simple words. ProximaX is a platform for implementing various dApp applications, with a huge number of user cases. 
I will try to depict graphically the possible application of this platform.


At the moment, there are many platforms offering similar solutions, but the difference between ProximaX in its integrated approach is All in One.

  • File hosting
  • Sharing
  • Creation and monetization of content (by direct charging for reading)
  • Decentralized control of content (we are talking about the fact that the community will censor and moderate illegal and inappropriate content, democratically
  • Secure p2p streaming of multimedia and text content
  • KYC

ProximaX offers all these functions by default, and based on them, users will already be able to develop their applications.

How does Proximax work?

There is a blockchain to which application developers and others connect via the API, and there are two main protocols - decentralized data storage and data streaming through the blockchain, and all this is connected through the new hybrid consensus protocol.

Сonsensus protocol include:

  • Proof of Importance (original algorithm provided by NEM)
  • Proof of Storage (depending on the amount of available network space)
  • Proof of Bandwidth (bandwidth, which, according to the promise of the developers, will be registered by several Oracle)

Why is it profitable and convenient to use this project?

There are three types of platform users who are the direct beneficiaries:

  • Node owner (storage location and network bandwidth provider)
  • Developer dApps
  • Content creators

In the case of nodes, the encouraging process is understandable.

System for encouraging developers and content makers:

  • The content consumer pays for the network power that he consumes when using dAppsdeveloper pays
  • Developer pays through its own node, which will be the service provider, such a node will be called commercial.

XPX token

  • Price PXP $0.001567 USD
  • PXP ROI -68.82%
  • Market Rank #302
  • Market Cap $9,554,410 USD
  • Total Supply 9,000,000,000 XPX


As it was said at the very beginning, ProximaX is aimed at the decentralized application market, where there are a huge number of similar projects, which means a high degree of competition. The fact that the ProximaX team introduced a comprehensive solution that covers several areas for the implementation and development of various applications. Perhaps this is the main factor in the attractiveness of this project.

I don’t want to compare this project with such as ETEREUM and TRON, but I want to mention that the ETEREUM project offered something new, this is using its blockchain as a kind of operating system or platform for applications and smart contracts, in fact creating a version of blockchain 2.0, this thing was picked up by TRON focusing on entertainment, decentralized applications, games and smart contracts.

Technologically, the ProximaX project did not invent blockchain 3.0, most likely this is one of the versions like 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc., more functional, faster, more secure, but not revolutionary.


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