Philosophy of the project: 

Every dollar that is reinvested in the system should give a lot more if it is invested properly.

A bit about the problems

Many years have passed since the advent of the first cryptocurrency, but digital money has not yet been applied in everyday life.

The market is constantly growing and developing, but digital money at the moment for most people do not have practical value.

What is the main problem with cryptocurrencies?

· Scalability

· Regulation

· Security

· Insufficient information base

· Accessibility for the mass user

None of the current cryptocurrencies could solve these problems completely.

What is Energi?

Energi is a type of self-financing cryptocurrency, it was created by a team of enthusiasts and experts in the field of cryptocurrency, whose goal is to create a cryptocurrency that will be used all over the world and which will turn into a profitable platform for smart contracts. Thus, Energi should be a great investment opportunity both now and in the future.

Ticker: NRG
Blocking time: 1 minute.
Hash Algorithm: EnergiHash (similar to Ethereum).
Masternode Requirements: 10,000 Energi.
Treasury cycle: Every 14 days.

About 1 million Energi is produced per month.
The distribution can be easily observed as "10/10/40/40."
10% to Energi trunk
10% to miners
40% to Masterdods
40% to the treasury


So what can the Energi project offer?

Energi focuses on 4 areas:

• The trust

• Awareness

• Practicality

• Availability

Features of Energi:

Strong economic foundation

A distinctive feature of the project is the treasury self-financing system with full management.. It is achieved through the constant issue of mined coins, 40% of which goes to the so-called treasury. From this treasury, funds are taken for the development, marketing and promotion of the project.

Creating a strong support system: the Energi community.

Creating Growth and Stability Mechanisms: Earndrop’s Marketing Campaigns and Energi Masternode network with a strong reward system.

Building an ecosystem based on the Energi blockchain

Energi platform open for dApps applications and plans creation of an intellectual contract platform provide services between stations.

Energi team also developing its own smart contract platform.

Marketing and community development

The competent system implies marketing immediately to all networks where possible; LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Steemit, etc. This gives maximum audience reach.

Community development and support allows lowering the entry threshold for various sectors of society, Increases interest and loyalty to the project and in the long term is able to solve the problem of platform scalability.

Business development

As a support to the business, the Energy team plans to finance startup blockchains.

This program will be funded by a high-quality project-specific
for a long partnership with Energi. Energi will attract and support
the high-quality project, providing consultations, providing
rules of economic and business models and project design to


Energi project has its own EBI Security Service. EBI focuses its efforts on protection user base from attacks, wherever possible.

Energi project has its own EBI Security Service. EBI focuses its efforts on protection user base from attacks, wherever possible.

The Energi team will work closely with law enforcement to increase security. Complex safety actions will prevent many hacker attacks and save users their crypto.

Using Energi

Masternode holders
Holders can host masternode rewards for
placement of the second level based on the agreed Energi Proof of Work model. (40% of emission funds)

Miners receive rewards for using their computing power to operate the Energi network. (10% of emission funds)

DApps and other Energi smart contract application development partnerships.


The business consumer can use NRG as value storage and as a utility for conducting transactions in a smart contract/system DApp.

Along with P2P transactions, an ordinary user can exchange/buy/sell NRG through cryptocurrency exchanges.


Now token NRG available to exchanges - KuCoin and DigiFinex (decentralized) and CryptoBridge (decentralized).


The project of the Energies team is interesting primarily because of its extraordinary approach to building a business model, unlike hundreds of others made like a carbon copy of each other.

The general idea and methods of its implementation are visible.
It is noticeable that the project is created by enthusiasts who have their own vision of the future blockchain. The Energi team is focused on the long term and does not hesitate to declare its aspirations to become the number 1 cryptocurrency.

Along with this, one cannot but pay attention to the fact that the NRG has infinite emission. How this can affect the exchange rate, in the long run, is unknown.

Judging by the state of the market today, everything is not so bad. Energi project has a lot of advantages, but what will happen next, time will tell. The financial revolution is not easy, and Energi team still have a lot of work to do.

I wish you good luck.

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