First ecological application NDEX from NerveNetwork launches Alpha

By NULS | Nerve | 14 May 2020

Hello, everyone from NULS and Nerve communities!

Thank you to each and every community member for your ongoing support of NULS and Nerve. We are excited to inform everyone that the NULS technical community (NTC) has now completed the development of NerveDEX (NDEX).

This is the Alpha of NDEX. The two products of this Alpha available to test include NDEX and the NDEX explorer. We encourage everyone to actively participate in the testing to help improve our products.

The functions supported by the Alpha of NDEX are:

  1. Cross-chain transfer of NULS testnet chain assets to the Nerve test network;

  2. NRC20 asset of NULS test network transfer to Nerve test network;

  3. NDEX is supported on the Nerve test network;

  4. NDEX buy and sell limit orders;

  5. NDEX standard version K-line diagram;

  6. NDEX view trading orders, latest deals, and trading pair switching;

  7. Creation, backup and import of NDEX account;

  8. NDEX chain transfer function;

  9. View all assets;

  10. View the open orders, historical transactions, historical orders;

  11. The explorer queries NDEX asset transactions and block browsing, etc.


We will be rewarding you for your contributions during the open public alpha testing activities:


1. Alpha BUG bounty. Submit suggestions and bugs on Github Issues. If your suggestions and bugs are adopted, you can get between 10-100NVT per submission . For the Suggestion and BUG submission link (please follow our Github repository)


2. Alpha trading competition. As of May 20, the top three with the most transactions per day will be awarded with 200NVT.

Applying for test assets. Each person will receive a maximum of 1000 NULS + 10000 NVT to test. If we find that there is repeated collection, test reward shall be disqualified.

Request for test assets through the NULS forum by providing your NULS testnet address)

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