Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Russula turci

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 21 Sep 2019

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Russula turci - Cap 30 to 100 mm in diameter, initially spherical, hemispherical, later flat, with a shallow center (often with ocher discolored spots), lilac to purple, often almost black in the middle, colorfully concentrically cut off. Surface smooth or slightly radially wrinkled, dull, slightly frosted in dry weather, slippery in the wet period, crimped on the edge; skin removable up to 2/3 of the radius.

Lamellae evenly adnate, forked, initially whitish, later pale brown with an orange shade, the same on the blade.

Stem 120 to 180 mm high and 30 to 60 mm thick, cylindrical, initially full, later empty, white, less often with a pink tinge, longitudinally slightly fibrous.

White flesh, slightly yellowing, slightly lilac under the skin. Only when young, quite strict, it softens soon; has a weak taste and a slight odor of iodoform, especially at the base of the stalk.

Occurrence: VIII - XI, rather late appearing; in coniferous forests, mainly on acid soil.

Value: Edible mushroom.


Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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