Up to the Mountains - Yercaud Hills

Up to the Mountains - Yercaud Hills

By Greenchic | Nature and Travel | 20 Oct 2019



While I was at Salem, there in spots were scenic views of Yercaud Hills and On October 12th I naturally went there, it’s just 30 kms from Salem. This was the easiest way to escape spending one’s time at Salem, with the heat, traffic, the crowd and it being stressful to walk around, not much charm being there doing nothing, especially if you stayed at Hotel Pearls where at night time in my room bathroom door there were big roaches and many small ones in plenty which was for me quite discomforting but skipping that.

After a while before afternoon came up was off to the nearby hills, I got a front seat in an uncrowded bus, how lovely!! … A marked picture that differed suddenly came about while passing the Salem Collector Bunglow, the campus was compounded but there were trees showing through, bordering the Yercaud Main Road differently, it looked suddenly like a green passage since Salem was just structures without much greenery around a tall. Post this, a sudden relief from sunny times came about when the bus climbed a few winding roads reaching some altitude proceeding to more to the highs of the Yercaud mountains, and things were just evergreen, fresh and a little exciting, it was like a fresh breeze of serenity.

Going up the winding mountain roads, monkeys loomed about, it was a sad sight to see once a while a truck carrying over bunches of tree logs, but otherwise this mountain drive was nice, that even the bus driver turned off the songs, he rightly thought mountain drive was entertaining so the seated passengers don’t need music (which was at times not music to my ears). And then, came the most prominent tourist spot at Yercaud, the boat house, which is where I got off, all hungry. I was surrounded by little charming open tea shops, eating and juice establishments, was of course greeted by an auto fellow as well. I walked on the road in search of an eating place and had my modest fill of lunch.


Post this I rested and soaked at the boat house at Emerald lake.



It makes a neat hang out campus, with low priced snacks around to eat, the greenery and the lake makes this a fine experience, and you can pace about or sit around to enjoy the nice naturally fresh atmosphere. Soon after I brought my entry fee to the boat house, I finally settled to sit down and relax, soak in the surrounding green atmosphere by this nice lake.



Rain arrived and I enjoyed it equipped with an umbrella, as people rowed, peddled and took motor boat rides on the lake. It was quite enchanting.



I was actually surprised as well, that it was not crowded, congested at the area, even though it was a Saturday.




While exiting devoured some hot fresh spring rolls and lemon tea, with a canteen there, it just finished raining then.




Then checked out the park next to this lake, which was nice as well. They had some lovely message boards to save forests, trees etc.



Some snaps from there…




Overall, liked my time at the hills. I wanted to climb down Kulliyur falls, however, I was tired that day to go down for a trek, though I really wanted to do it. However, still, I had a nice time. I am also getting used to traveling to unknown places by myself and though I am not excited to travel these days, thanks to the news that tourism has destroyed and dirty many amazing places, I still will at times. Pearl Hotel though had leaking taps and sudden unexpected shower rains at the mornings and roach visits at night, they provided RO water, so I just refilled my steel bottle, so did not create any mineral water bottle waste.

I faced dog chases on the quite street the hotel was located and had to brave them shaking my bags at them, I did not panic and run least they bite me, though one dog really came near me barking and I hit that creature with my modest handbag made from donated jeans cloth I got from Goonj.


They went away. Later I realised those dogs had puppies over there, so maybe they don’t like me walking on the street they occupied. It was a challenge every evening to come to that hotel, taking another connecting street to escape the wrath of the doggies, I lost my way because I was new to that area. Also I had to be calm and deal with the roaches, as a kid, they used to climb on me so I can’t tolerate them, least they fly and climb on me. I did this, but I had to murder the big roach every night and dispose off its body. Otherwise, that Pearl hotel was ok, no roaches in the room, very grateful for that, because I enjoyed reading book at my vacant times in the place staying at the hotel.


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Nature and Travel
Nature and Travel

Travel is always exciting and here are my travel experiences I am sharing to the world. Let’s enjoy nature and life, taking care not to litter and dirty these tourist places. Cheers.

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