Who is a wife material

By Native-Girl | Native_Girl | 1 May 2020

Have you ever been to where the sell wrappers (Ankara) before? All the wrappers are OK as far as the owner of the shop is concern. But when you want to buy, you look at the design, colour and the texture, at some point you will say to yourself '' I don't like this one, I prefer this one but will it be OK for the kind of design I want to sew?'' 

Boom! You picked one of the wrappers and you say to yourself again, ''this one is OK'' you convince yourself that everything about that particular wrapper is OK. Those one u didn't pick are not bad, they are also good wrappers.

But the best wrapper you pick can still not fit you, not because the cloth is not good but because the Taylor did not sew it well. 

Note: every woman is a wife material, choose the one you feel is good for you and try to be the best Taylor ever! 

A good Taylor makes a good wrapper into and outstanding outfit!


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