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Once upon a time

By Native-Girl | Native_Girl | 15 Apr 2020

a story was once told of a wealthy man who lost his life as a result of a serious accident,  he has only  one child, after his burial, the lawyer informed the young man (the dead man son) that he will read out his father's will the next day, that he should inform other family members.

The next day the lawyer read out the Will and it was clearly stated that the young man will only pick one property out of his father's properties and the rest will be given to the head of savants in the House.

The young man requested for time, that he should be given two days to think about what he will chose. He was strolling in the garden when a maid pass him, he called her, ''hello, how are u, I need to chose one property from my father's properties, I am so confuse, I don't know what to chose and the lawyer will soon be here'' the maid think of it for some munit, '' well, if is me I will chose the head of servant himself, that way, everything he has will belong to me'' replied the maid.

The young was satisfy, and when the lawyer came, he picked the head of servant.. And every other properties belong to him, including the head of servants. 

Sometimes we take our time to figure what is best for us, we think and focused so hard.


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