Why DOGE is Important.

    In an age of mass job loss and eviction, a lot of people have been looking at the prospect of investing. This investing has narrowed to a few spots, Crypto and Traditionally. $DOGE coin has been the biggest contributor to this following the GME situation, allowing a lot of new investors to get a start in the space, via following a trend. This post isn't for shilling for DOGE, but to rather explain its uses for the future of Cryptocurrencies in its entirety.

   DOGE can lead the way for not only mass adoption, but also, opening the door for new investors and other things. The amount of social media hype has increased its push, like tweets from Elon (One of which hit 1 million likes, in comparison, the most liked tweet hasn't reached 10m), Trending Tabs, etc...Over the past 2 months, DOGE grew from less than 1 cent, to over more than 8 cents. Not only that, but over the time that DOGE risen more than 800% in the year so far. The search results with Binance, Webull, etc, exploded to the charts, on apple store, it exploded to number 1. This means that there are actual people going in when they simply disregarded it in the past, this is good sign for the future as a whole and a great sign for mass crypto adoption.

   This looks like a bright future for crypto wether you are a fan of DOGE or not, this is a leading way to mass adoption.

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Crypto space and mass adoption
Crypto space and mass adoption

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