Bitcoin hit what?

As you know, on the day of March 13, 2021, Bitcoin officially surpassed the 60k mark. This was no easy feat and took years of the space being around. The 60k is impressive but after this goal, where do we go from here?

This notion of Bitcoin hitting higher than 60k, possibly 100k has been frankly decisive over the past 4 years of it finally hitting the mainstream and getting all of the attention it has garnered from here. But now that we look back and we know that it has hit 60k, we can most probably see a 100k hit if it still shines in the spotlight, lets run down a few reasons:

   1. A lot of new adoption in the crypto market

Following swiftly after first GME peak, $DOGE was a great launching platform for a lot of new adopters into the crypto space (see previous blogpost). This shift from DOGE to Bitcoin could spell some good news for the space.

   2. New investors leaving the stock market looking for a new home in crypto

Following the also GME situation, left a lot of investors disheartened in the system including my very own brother. This sudden shift into decentralization and rebellion against the elite could also be some news to hear. This isn't the only reason tho, as some of them might see it as a better alternative to the traditional investing due to its increased volatility.

   3. Stimulus checks encouraging more spending, hopefully in crypto due to the points above

This is my last and final point, but a very important one. With the incoming stimulus, with enough push, could introduce a lot of new people with disposable extra income into the world of not only investing, but crypto investing. This spells great news as if given enough time, could grow with an influx of new adopters who can't spend their money elsewhere.

As my article discussed, we could potentially see that 100k number, but we as a community need to put in some of that work. A new influx of people is bound to happen sooner or later, but the fact we could see them in the near future is insane and shows some real growth in the space since i entered in 2014!


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Crypto space and mass adoption

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