How did it start?

How did it start?

This is my first blog post ever and it's a simple overview of where I am in this new space where crypto is gaining mainstream traction.

Back in the early days of crypto, I must confess, I was neither knowledgeable or interested in this topic.  At the time, Bitcoin was associated with the Silk road and other illegal activities which I instantly dismissed as being "not my bag".

I remember at work, my colleague said "Bitcoin is up to $1000" to which I responded "What is up to what now?". He showed me the chart and another colleague was talking about something called "Feathercoin"........I said, "Are you serious?  What is Feathercoin, are you just making stuff up now?"

After a bit more research, I warmed to the idea of crypto currency but  was not ready to go through the process of setting up a wallet, handing over my debit/credit card details to purchase something I knew very little about.  Consider that my naive phase.

Back in late 2017 (before everything went nuts), It was around about September time when I stumbled across coinbase and saw how easy it was to set up an account and begin purchasing Bitcoin which I followed with Litecoin as I could afford a whole unit of LTC but not quite ready to splash out on a single Bitcoin in one transaction.  My naivety was replaced with curiosity which I began acting upon. 

As November approached, not only did I start buying more fragments of Bitcoin, I was learning about other currencies, including XRP.  I didn't know much about it but it seemed cheap and "I heard good things about it".  It was around this time when the entire market went bananas.  Everything was going north and it felt like every second not buying crypto was a second wasted.  Is this what greed looks like?  Nonetheless, I rode the wave and bought Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP on the way up.  Adding increments on a daily basis.  Its fair to say my bank account was seeing far more action (in the withdrawal) sense in a few months than it sees throughout a normal month.

Now we are in 2020 and the world of Defi, yield farming, gas fees are the talk of the town.  Holding down a day job which isn't related to crypto means there is so much information that needs to be absorbed in order to grow with the movement.  

Anyways, the above is simply the ramblings of a crypto newbie and the various phases I went through.  I wonder if these phases are a continuous loop which people repeat and rinse.  I guess, only time will tell.

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Naivety vs. Curiosity vs . Greed
Naivety vs. Curiosity vs . Greed

As I enter the world of crypto currency e.g. buying, investing, saving with the wealth of information available, I wonder if I am following people blindly to satisfy my curiosity to fuel my greed.

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