The Sell

By Andrea Franceschi | My Road So Far | 5 Aug 2021

Hello Publish0x Community,

This is the second chapter of my first approach at  the Cryptoworld.

Hope you enjoy reading this.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"And finally i decided to wait and don't sell..."


November was ending and I made a decision not to sell my BTCs.

Christmas in a phone shop is always an extremely busy time for both sales and customer service.

So I decided to wait a little longer, help my company maximize  their results and see how to move forward.


It was an extremely busy December (in our stores December = Christmas, you worked 7 days a week with maybe, and I mean maybe when we were lucky, half a day off every 2 weeks) also due to the release of Iphone 5S and 5C.


At the time I was working on commissions and sales results:

The more you sold the more you earned and therefore, as I was and as I still am, I listened to my company and Massimo, my CEO, and worked like a bull on smartphone bookings, sales contracts, KASKO insurance, sales of complementary services and all that was about around 3G Internet services and the first 4G services in Italy (thanks 3Italy, 3UK and 3 in general, what a great company <3 )


For me December 2013 / January 2014 were record months.

As a professionist, as a salesman, as a human figure and a point of reference for my customers, they were months to date without equal in terms of personal satisfaction and professional growth.


"All this, however, leaving an eye to observe the BTC situation and its price, until April 2014 ...."


In April 2014, following the closure of MT.Gox, a false ban on China and a truly significant loss in value, I decided to sell and I DID IT.

I remember selling around $ 430 per BTC in mid-April 2014.



"Buy: 14BTCx0.32 $ = 4.48$ in 2010

Sell: 14BTCx430 $ = 6020$ In 2014"


And thanks to hard work between December and January, the sale of BTCs in April and a little luck, I found myself with a MOUNTAIN of money ...

"Too much money" for a 26 year old who has only worked since leaving high school at 18....


Annual salary, savings and the sale of BTCS ... The beginning of the end....





Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this second chapter. I want to share with all of you everything I learned so far..

Already writing Chapter 3 "The Drop-Out"



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Andrea Franceschi
Andrea Franceschi

I'm a newbie in this CryptoWorld, i began two months ago trading with Binance with some usefull profits. Right now i'm working with PancakeSwap, Harvest Finance, Binance, KuCoin

My Road So Far
My Road So Far

This is the story of my journey into Cryptoworld and its features. Hope everyone can enjoy the reading.

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