The Drop-Out

By Andrea Franceschi | My Road So Far | 6 Aug 2021

Hello Publish0x Community,

This is the third and final chapter of my first approach at the Cryptoworld, before the current days.

Hope you enjoy reading this.


"I sold them all"


Feared that the price of my BTCs could still drop, I took my balls in hand and decided to sell everything.

I found myself between April '14 and June '14 with an amount of money that you shouldn't have. Especially when you live in a city like Florence, which despite everything, is full of temptations.




From June '14 until today, with the BTCs prize pool and my salary, I have practically been a father to all my friends.
Crazy weekend, holidays in europe (Sziget Festival, Twice Amsterdam, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Island of Pag Croatia, London and many other experiences)

Finding myself with practically half the annual salary given by BTCs, I unconsciously decided to quit this world, thinking that I had made the most of it.

This was until the advent of COVID and all the consequences it had on our daily lives. I dropped out everything but my Job until now. 

Suddenly from being a leading person and whose professional figure was considered a backbone of the company, I found myself with a handful of flies in my hand.


Newbies, with much less hours worked and much less experience, paid much more than me, TOO MUCH TIME spent at home in furlough and taken by the exasperation of being considered just a number, I began to look around again.
It was January '21 ...




Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this final chapter. I want to share with all of you everything I learned so far..

The End of my first blog. If i think of my BTCs at the time, now I could be rich. HODL is the answer right now for me.



Now I'll start a blog with my experiences on CoinBase, Binance, KuCoin, CoinMarketCap, PancakeSwap.

Currently using Brave as default Browser.

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Andrea Franceschi
Andrea Franceschi

I'm a newbie in this CryptoWorld, i began two months ago trading with Binance with some usefull profits. Right now i'm working with PancakeSwap, Harvest Finance, Binance, KuCoin

My Road So Far
My Road So Far

This is the story of my journey into Cryptoworld and its features. Hope everyone can enjoy the reading.

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