The Covid Year and CryptoWorld again.

By Andrea Franceschi | My Road So Far | 7 Aug 2021

Unfortunately, the advent of Covid in '20 (It seems like an eternity but it is only 1 year ago...) has upset the life and habits of all of us worldwide, without exception.


Those who lost their jobs, those who suffered violence during the quarantine period, those who found themselves without a roof over their heads and especially those who lost family members, friends and personal human affections for this Virus.

A Human Catastrophe.


"A big hug to everyone, because we are all people who inhabit this planet and evil, in any form, is the same for everyone."


As I described in the previous article: To be on the crest of the wave, to be considered a backbone of my company, an established professional,

I found myself in March '20 in a series of situations, after almost 13 years in the same company you would not expect:

  • Underpaid, especially compared to the latest hires, both in terms of workload and responsibility.
  • Most of the time at home in Forlough. This one is much lesser than your normal salary
  • Underestimated 'cuz after so many years they thought I was too lazy and demotivated (Results and numbers of every Shop I Worked said the opposite and my customers still love me)


The answer, my friends, is one and one only: Me and my contract costed them too much in terms of Italian State Taxes.

If I collected € 1,200 net monthly after 12 years, I cost them about € 3,400 between taxes and my salary. Can't blame them, but all I wanted was only a little bit of respect. My CEO and the Store Manager (worked with them for almost 13 years) didn't say Hi to me o anything like that when I left the company...


Even just for merely education, I was anyway the oldest employee, the treatment I received increased my desire for revenge and at the same time an anger that fueled my character and behaviour. I decided to give up my job, voluntarily without subsidies and with the very few savings kept over the years, I approached the world of Crypto again, discovering that it was so evolved since my last experience that I began to STUDY and try to find a way to live better.

I was, anyway, extremely sad 'cuz I loved my job, I loved my company, had, before the covid issue, a great partnership with my CEO and i wanted to takae care of my customers. But I had to move on, even so it seemed to withdraw from a war.


"Came in the shadows of anonymity. Left as the anonymous"


I must thanks Stefano, Stenos here on Publish0x, a friend of mine, that told me about Coinbase and his Learn&Earn Campaign, and in January '21 I began this new journey, starting right from Coinbase and his KYC identification. 

Stenos helped me out a lot at the beginning of this.. 




Next Blog and it's first post: "Coinbase, Learn&Earn, Transfer Crypto on Binance. DYOR"



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!





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Andrea Franceschi
Andrea Franceschi

I'm a newbie in this CryptoWorld, i began two months ago trading with Binance with some usefull profits. Right now i'm working with PancakeSwap, Harvest Finance, Binance, KuCoin

My Road So Far
My Road So Far

This is the story of my journey into Cryptoworld and its features. Hope everyone can enjoy the reading.

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