The Beginning

By Andrea Franceschi | My Road So Far | 4 Aug 2021

Hello Publish0x community,

I am an italian Cryptonewbie and this is my first article (Must thanks Publish0x allowing me to become an Author)

I want to share my journey and personal experiences in this crazy world that never sleep and this is the first chapter.


The Real First Time

In 2010 i was already an early investor in bitcoin. I was young, i had many interests and thanks to my old job i was involved in technology, the first very internet 3G, the firts smarphones and all the news in the internet world. I can remember that i bought about 14BTC for about 0.32$ per BTC. I was lesser more newbie than now and i decided to forget about them, storage them and continue my work as a manager in a Phone Shop, and so i did.

At that time, lucky for me, I was really focused on my job...

The rapid growth of the company I worked for since May 2008 'til this March 2021 (one of the biggest smartphone company in Florence, Tuscany, where i come from), the Big Boom of Internet and the Smartphones and more and more heavyer responsibilities as Shop Manager were all ingredients of a lethal mix that REALLY made me forget 'bout my BTCs....

....Until November 2013 when Nicola, a collegue of mine and still one of my best friends, told me "Andrea, look at the price of BTC"

Could not believe that, it was about 900$...

I can still clearly remember what I thought: "HEHEHEHE, now i sell all of my BTCs and go on Christmas Holidays VERY VERY HAPPY. See you on March/April my dear TLM customers"

Unfortunately my CEO, the structure of the Company and the kind of work i used to do didn't think so... 


I decided to wait a little bit.....




Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the real beginning of this journey.

Already writing Chapter 2 "The Sell"











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Andrea Franceschi
Andrea Franceschi

I'm a newbie in this CryptoWorld, i began two months ago trading with Binance with some usefull profits. Right now i'm working with PancakeSwap, Harvest Finance, Binance, KuCoin

My Road So Far
My Road So Far

This is the story of my journey into Cryptoworld and its features. Hope everyone can enjoy the reading.

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