Women in Crypto and Blockchain

By Teodor | MyDip | 21 Apr 2020

We all believe in equal rights and opportunities for all. Blockchain and social network are strong tools for empowering women! I don't know how many women are writing articles here on Publish0x, but I'd like to know they are active writers on blockchain social media as men are or even more. Work from home writing articles and being with your children in the same time can be a parenting solution for many families. 

About women who work in the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology, according to Cointelegraph "on December 4, Bitcoin fund operator Grayscale published the results of a study that showed 43% of respondents interested in BTC investments turned out to be women. Today, half of Binance’s employees are female — and in India, women make up the majority of crypto investors." 

Below are few professional women that I was glad to find out about them through my researches for different crypto and blockchain projects. 

Kathleen Breitman — the cofounder of Tezos, a decentralized governance platform; she also plays an active role in its nonprofit entity, the Tezos Foundation.  

Elizabeth Stark — the founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, a blockchain development startup, and a member at the research Coin Center, focused on developing government policy for decentralized technologies. 

Laura Shin — Forbes's senior editor covering crypto and blockchain technology, writing regularly for both its website and Forbes magazine; she also hosts Unchained - one of the most popular and top-rated podcasts in crypto. 

Kathryn Haun — General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and is an independent director at Coinbase, where she helps lead its Audit and Risk divisions. 

Arianna Simpson — the Managing Director and Founder of crypto hedge fund Autonomous Partners, which has already raised more than $10M from investors like Coinbase and Union Square Ventures. 

Tricia Martinez — founder and CEO of Wala, a blockchain-based financial services app that's seeking to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in emerging markets. 

Perianne Boring — founder of Digital Chamber of Commerce, an American advocacy group that promotes the emerging industry behind blockchain technology, bitcoin and digital assets. 

Joyce Kim — Executive Director at Stellar.org, an open network for storing and moving money globally, it makes it possible to create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money: dollars, pesos, bitcoin, etc. 

There are many more of them, of course, and if you know some that merits to be mentioned please recommend by posting comments below. 

Women in Blockchain: https://cointelegraph.com/news/women-in-crypto-has-gender-consensus-come-to-the-market
Image source: Header image free license from Pixabay. 


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