It's Time to Buy Some Satoshis or Even One Bitcoin!

By Teodor | MyDip | 14 May 2022

This is a short post regarding crypto market's apparent stagnation. It's a kind of updated and renowned Bitcoin Manifesto! Specially for beginners, but not only! :)) 

If you haven't bought bitcoins when the price was 1 cent, 10 cents, 1 dollar, or even 100+ dollars per bitcoin it's time to think about acquiring some satoshis or even a bitcoin, if you can afford it! 

Bitcoin will never die as it is based on technology and the enemies of it aren't so smart to invent something that can stop it forever!

Also, there are other crypto options, but bitcoin remains the first and the king! 

Why Buy Satoshis? 

If you're the type of risky investor I am, you will acquire satoshis or bitcoins because: 

  • it is volatile, but you know how to profit from this! 
  • it can be hacked, but you know how to apply security and safety to it. 
  • you know how to keep your wallets safe. 
  • you know which centralized exchanges (CEXs) to avoid and which decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to use for eventual trading. 
  • you know that bitcoin is an asset that should not be related to fiat currency; the more satoshis or bitcoins you hold, the more assets you own! 
  • You've learnt and you're capable to manage all investment risks; you don't need ugly and expensive third parties for doing this. 

So, welcome back to bitcoin and don't worry about today's bearish markets!

This is an investment advice, but the decision and the responsibility of the risks involved in any kind of investment it's totally yours. 

To learn how to avoid investing risks, read my blog: MyDIP

Success and all the best! 

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Family man, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, robots builder, sustainable construction and real estate business owner.


I'm Teodor, strong faith man, married with 1 beautiful Wife, having together 9 wonderful Kids and 18 terrific GrandKids, living in RO, a country with fantastic landscapes, nice people and wrong politicians. My diversified investment portfolio (MyDIP) includes tokenised real estate and crypto trading and HODLing. Avoiding risks by maintaining my diversified portfolio up to 10% of my portfolio for each coin or token, so if something bad happens I haven't lost more than a fraction of my net worth.

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