Wasted Time

When I was first learning about Bitcoin and crypto, I was not trying to spend or lose any of my hard earned money! Plain and simple! I was still learning about all of it and just wasn't really sure about any of it to be honest. So I started poking around on YouTube and Twitter. Made a Twitter account and more! Looking for ways to get started, or were I could get involved for little or no money at all. I soon learned about faucets and airdrops. And thought, hey, that could be my way into crypto? But after many, many searches and many, many faucet claims, I quickly realized, I'm never going to grow my money with airdrops and faucets. It's just not going to happen. Faucets are just that, they drip out little bits of free crypto to everyone. Some are every hour, couple hours, and so on. Believe me, I spent alot of time looking around and trying out these different faucets. And honestly, in my opinion, they are great to learn with maybe? But after that, they are a total waste of time! You'll be long gone before you accumulate enough coins for the minimum withdrawal amount! Yea it's free, but no human I know, is going to go hit that button the million times it's going to take. Nor does anyone have that much free time? I don't think they do anyways? You can spend your valuable time doing way more constructive things! Trust me! I will say this though, one site out of all them, I continue to use is freebitco.in, which is more of a gambling site, than a faucet. But, anyways, they have a free spin the wheel feature, every 24 hours. They also have a faucet that you can claim from, every other hour. The reason I've actually stuck with this site, is because I've already earned enough for the minimum payout, which they did pay. The other, is because with those two features combined, you can actually reach the minimum threshold in under a year! The other one I highly recommend, is Cointiply app. They have a couple features I like. The first is, once your account reaches 3.50 in Bitcoin, you start earning 5% on your balance, just letting it sit there! You can get to that 3.50 really quickly, doing surveys and trying out apps, and even playing games! Really cool! They also have another one of my favorites, or two I should say, which is PTC and PTW ads to earn from everyday also! Paid To Click and Paid To Watch for those of you who are really new! I've never taken a payout from them yet, and don't plan on it any time soon. I like my little bit of Bitcoin to keep growing while I just keep doing what I do! I try to check in as much as possible at both places, and do my thing at each place, and move on. Now, as far as airdrops go, well I haven't had much luck with any of them either. I don't know how many airdrop campaigns I joined at Coin Market Cap? Had to be around 100 of them? Easy! Also, signed up for a bunch of them on Dapp Radar. And never won anything! Nothing! That was definitely not fun! And again, alot of wasted time, if you ask me. A better airdrop plan, would be to look for wallets or whatever, that still don't have their own coin representing the project. Something like Metamask or Zapper. Fi. I was using Zapper for a little bit there. Just login to the Dapp everyday and claiming some Volts. But then you needed to sync your Volts, which end up costing some Ethereum gas fees! And of course, you know me! I just had to try it all out and see what it was all about! They also have some NFTs you can exchange your Volts for. Now what you get in return with those NFTs or for holding them? I have no clue? I was thinking about exchanging my Volts for one, but still undecided on if I should or not? So at the moment, I have a bunch of Volts just sitting there on Zapper? I'm just waiting to see what they do next with the platform I guess? But I did spend 20 in Ethereum, to sync all my Volts? Hopefully that pans out to something down the road? I stopped login there everyday though, at the beginning of this year. Just got to be too much to remember everyday honestly. Along with real job, real life, and everything else I'm trying to do, it was just too much, and for what exactly? Another free app I've been using, is the Bee.com app. That app I just push a button every 24 hours and collect there tokens. My strategy with that, is to just get as many of them coins that I can for free, and exchange them all for Bitcoin once I'm ready to cash out, or they turn the app off! Which ever comes first basically? I also have the Phoneum app as well. Although I think they just changed the app name recently to FONE? But again, same plan, same kind of app. It mines PHT in background for 7 days at a time. Hopefully in a year or so, I can get some Bitcoin for that as well. I don't consider the Bee app or Fone app to be a waste of time though. Not yet anyways! But, yea, don't spend to much of your time looking for free!! It does exist, but it's hard to find. And your always going to trade your time or energy for anything free! Just how it goes! Stay safe everyone! 

My link to https://freebitco.in/?r=2240170 if your interested in getting some free Satoshis everyday

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