Paid to surf the internet!! Ultimate combo!!

Lol, ok yes, I'm trying to get clicks and followers with my catchy headline. Sorry! But, I really do have the ultimate surf the web combo!! I really have the goods, just hear me out! 

First project I'd like to share with you all is, Brave Browser. I'm pretty sure alot of you may already know about, and even use the Brave Browser. Which is great, you already know what I'm about to say then. Maybe skip ahead? Either way, Brave Browser is a browser extension, that pays you in BAT coins for every ad you click on and view!! Genius!!! Who ever came up with this idea. So, basically, you just look at every ad they send your way and earn yourself some BAT coins. Basic Attention Tokens for any really new people. Now, the part I'm not the most thrilled about, is having to create/connect an Uphold account, to collect your BATs then? Which, in my opinion, probably stops a whole bunch more people from using and enjoying the benefits of the Brave Browser. It's another added step, another wallet, another seed phrase and I could go on, but you get my point. The Uphold Wallet is great, don't get me wrong, but how many different wallets does one person need? I already got/need Coinbase and Trust Wallet. All my gaming wallets, and it's just too much honestly. On the flip side of all that, lol, I am averaging around 15 bucks a month in BAT tokens, every month now, for five months in a row. That kind of makes it all worth the hassle I guess? I mean all your doing is looking at ads while your on the internet. It doesn't get much easier than that, as far as earning some crypto!

The next project I want to let everyone know about, is the search engine called Presearch. With Presearch, every time you enter a search into the search bar, you earn some PRE tokens. It's only fractions of PRE each search, but again, it's already something you have to do to use the internet, so why not earn some crypto while doing it? Now they only let you earn from 30 searches every 24 hrs, but maybe that will change in the future, to unlimited daily searches. But in the mean time, it's 30 a day. Also, with 1000 PRE, I believe that's the correct amount? You can then stake and run a Presearch node, and earn even more from them! This is really genius, in my humble opinion! They are relatively new project, compared to Brave Browser. But I think they have huge potential for the future.

So that's my ultimate, surf the web, and get paid combo! Hope this helps some people out there, it's definitely a great way to start earning some easy crypto doing things your already doing. I believe they both are compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It's really a win-win-win for all involved, and who doesn't like that? Take care and stay safe out there cryptonauts!! 

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