So about this time, last year, is probably when I first learned about Coinbase. What is, or who is Coinbase I first thought? So, off to Google search I went!

When I landed on homepage, I was actually relieved, and thought, ok, this place seems clean, organized, and simple? I think I can actually start my crypto adventures rite here! There actually! Lol And exactly what I did. Coinbase is technically an exchange, but offers other options, other than just buying/selling crypto currency. I'm almost positive they do KYC, and honestly, you should want to KYC? I don't know why so many people freak out about that? But anyways, you create your account with them, everything is free, very simple and straight forward in regards to that whole process. I have to say, after being involved with crypto currency now, for little over a year. Trying out and learning about so many different things related to crypto. Coinbase is definitely a great place to start out, if your new to crypto. Looking back on everything so far, I'm glad I started with them, and I still use them for some things today still. They have been around since the beginning too!! Which I think, is probably one of their most impressive accomplishments, if not the best! And they are not going anywhere, any time soon either! Their technology and security is world class. They support a large amount of crypto currencies. Could be more, but I think in time, they will grow their inventory. They offer staking as well, but again, only for 5 coins, I believe? Hopefully they kick that up a notch this year as well? That would be another good move on their part, which they have made many of, since they started. They also have a ton of free, honest, and credible resources for anyone to go and read, and learn about any topic related to crypto! Another tool, which I think is great! Everything is very clean and easy to read and understand. It's a really nice platform and put together really well also. The app and or website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. These are all very important features, in my humble opinion, for anyone just starting out in this space. And Coinbase, just gets them all rite if you ask me? They also put all there services into 2 separate apps. I like to refer to them as, the front end and back end of Coinbase. Or simply, their regular app and their defi wallet app. Another good idea that was! The regular app is basically the on-ramp into their platform. And were your fist money and regular bank accounts connect to. The defi wallet app, is more for, once your into crypto, and want to start exploring WEB 3, and the Dapps. The browser for all that is in there, and wallets for all your separate cryptos! Really cool stuff in there!

     Anyways, moving on, to my favorite part or parts, lol, of Coinbase now!!! And that is their Learn and Earn Program!! Were you simply watch some quick, easy videos. And then answer, a couple quick, easy questions about said video. Takes 5-10 minutes literally, and they give you 3 bucks worth of whatever coin your learning about that lesson! This is really a genius idea in my opinion! For many reasons! I have to admit, once I got into this program from Coinbase, I was hooked!! Lol I just wanted to learn more and more about this whole crypto currency stuff, and how could I acquire more coins? And ultimately, more money in my pockets. And down the rabbit hole I went! Never to return! But ultimately end up on the moon!!?? Wait? What? Lol 

  So, all in all, Id say definitely set yourself up an account at Coinbase, if your into crypto at all! You can buy, sell, exchange, stake, and store all supported coins there at Coinbase. It's a great place to start, and maintain honestly. There fees can get a little ridiculous, feeling like your being nickel and dimed to death? But I have to say, they do provide everyone, a decent bang for their buck. You do get alot of world class services with Coinbase and they are a large, growing company. So you have all that going for you as well. You can find better and more staking options at other places, but that's not set in stone, and hopefully they add some more coins to that list ASAP! I've earned over 100 bucks so far from Coinbase, just learning about stuff I wanted to learn about to begin with! Win-win and a Ching- ching!! I've also learned a ton of fundamentals there as well. And exchanged some of those coins into other coins, then staked some Tezos there. I've earned 20 cents from that so far? Lol not much, but it's the hands on experience I've gotten there, for free, and everything that I learned, is why I think it's a great place to start at, and even stay and use in your everyday crypto dealings. So that's it for Coinbase and what I think about them. Nothing but love! Take care everyone! Stay safe out there! 

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