My Favorite Exercise- Running and Walking
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My Favorite Exercise- Running and Walking

By Suny Ag | My Own | 1 Jul 2021

Fitness- Running, walking, and jogging

I am a fitness freak and do my exercises in different ways, but my most favorite is walking, jogging, and running on the beautiful walking/running paths provided for this purpose. However, before you run or jog, you need to understand the basics of this simple exercise. By the way, I bike on these paths too, but that will come later.

The moment one willing to shed his weight, he looks towards running. Then they run. In the beginning phase of their, one may observe a reduction of few pounds. But slowly the weight shedding comes to a grinding halt. In most cases, instead of losing weight, they start regaining weight. Why? because they are not systematic in running or jogging or not following their dietary suggestion.

A Short video I did by using various editing tools and free images

Do you want to reduce fat?

People think the exercise of running long distances is best and brings the best result. The impression in the minds of the people, the longer they run, the more calories get burnt, wrong. I am afraid that's not the truth.

The reality is something different. At a particular point, the body reaches a certain point when it starts storing fat. After the weight loss in the initial stage, the body stops expanding the stored fat for supplying the required energy for running.

But wait, I don’t mean you should quit running. Don’t stop running because it is a great exercise that can add years to your life. But if you run for weight reduction, with a few changes, it can achieve the results you want.


Do your running in phases

If your goal is weight loss, you would probably want to mix up the running you’re doing. That is changing the tempo of running and resting in between. That will cause weight reduction. But certainly, avoid running like a bullet at a stretch.

If it is not possible to have a continuous walk, you can split the total duration as per your own convenience. You can even do your jogging and walking during the lunch break and if your workplace allows you the special session for this purpose. You can also use a staircase instead of a lift which does wonders for your body. Park your vehicle in a faraway parking lot and walk the distance. Thus you can try this interval training whenever necessary.


Finally, what’s better than going to the park meant for this purpose on weekends. Running and jogging is not only exercise but a way of life too. At least for me, it is. Is anyone interested to share their fitness tips? Please do it!

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