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Are You Ready To Rule The Crypto World? The Golden Plan

By Suny Ag | My Own | 12 Apr 2021

If you are in the crypto market in any capacity, whether as a trader, investor, or even just for earning through various activities, have you ever thought what is the most important thing that matters to you? Your answer probably will be crypto prices, especially the ones in which you invest or in trading!

Now the question is, what are you doing for increasing the price of your favorite cryptocurrencies? Sounds funny? But that’s not you alone, I mean to take advantage of the crypto market we have a role to play. I know you’re even more confused! It will be like- “What? what I can do in this, this is the business of that particular crypto company that owns this coin or token”. Further, “When that company gives any positive news or does anything that interests investors, the price will increase accordingly”.

True to some extent but do you really think that a company with that token only can do something in this matter or increase the price of its token? Probably you are wrong! No company can increase the price of its token or coin unless market forces help it.

Tell me who increases the price of bitcoin and Ethereum? Who gives positive or negative news or who develops bitcoin or who markets it? Who gives updates on Ethereum? I am sure people like Husk take advantage of their ideas! There is a series of questions and most of us are not aware of a correct answer for any of these.

Ideas- Ideas and more ideas

The answer is probably not as simple, but the reality is when people find innovative ways to use bitcoin then its demand goes up and so goes the price. Isn’t it natural, when we hear something positive about a particular coin, then we further go ahead and invest that helps its price go up? The same is true in how people use Ethereum technology and its blockchain.

People use Ehereum to make projects and the value of the coin increases. But at the same time, this is also true for trading factors that work on all cryptos. So it is for sure that the role of that company in increasing the price of crypto is not as much as the role of those people that take an interest in that company.

There is no doubt about the fact that the use of coins or tokens is increasing. However, the fact remains that when a project starts, everybody that invests in it almost 90% of this investment comes from people that know nothing much about that company or use of that token but to invest for the sake of profit.

These people then wait for the company’s updates. So when that company spoon-feeds a positive update, the price goes up. People will either invest more or book the profit so the price of the coin will go up or down accordingly but within a limited scope. So it’s all about users and investors how the coin works, up or down according to market forces.

Today we have more than 6000 cryptos in the market, but there are very few crypto projects based on technology and usability. Now the big question is what we can do? Not everyone in the crypto community is capable enough to increase the use of a coin or token, but if some people work together on this plan to offer their services for crypto, then the price should increase positively in a stable manner.

For example, if we talk about it, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, 1UP tokens, etc to advertise on crypto-related projects as Tesla did recently, then we can show the use of these tokens to the public. You might have heard recently that in Australia and New Zealand you can buy Coca-Cola by bitcoin using 2000 machines. That means people saw the use of bitcoin. Travel companies are offering travel plans against Bitcoin for flights and hotels Booking.

In this way, if the crypto community starts to offer services based on cryptocurrencies, this will be perhaps the best way to increase the price of coins. If you do not have any of your own products and services, then you can tell someone else to use crypto. For your service or product. Now you might think what a foolish idea, crypto is not even legal, but it is not illegal either. And now that everything is online, you can also give anything from anywhere to anyone against cryptocurrency of your choice. People are ready to use their coins for anything that interests them, even if it’s a foreign brand against their crypto/coins/tokens.

Now you feel that what’s your benefit in this? Your benefit depends on your plan to work properly. If you are working in this direction, you can approach brands, products, or services to use crypto. If you are planning to do this, then you should first contact the company whose crypto token or coin you are working for. Get in touch with them and offer your services to earn more of those coins. You should go ahead and tell them about your plan and how much you want in return. I am sure someone will see viability in your offer.

Every project has some funds for marketing and from here you can get funds for your work provided you can convince them you have a solid plan. Now it is up to you how you can increase the usage of any token and also you can earn well in return for your work.

This field is completely new and untouched in crypto and if you work with a good strategy on this, then maybe you can create a USP of your own after some time and all the big crypto brands would want to work with you. Maybe this matter of time when you will become a brand in yourself in the Crypto world. Think man think, you never know that your first step in this direction will soon change the Crypto world and take the crypto world by storm.

NOTE- As a marketing professional I am ready to be your business partner 😉

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