Great opportunity for passive income (and future value)

I would like to share with you a new opportunity to get some passive income very easily and with no investment: it is called Hi Dollars.
Hi Dollars is a new project born a few months ago, that allows us to earn HI (which is a cryptocurrency already listed on Uniswap) on a daily basis. At present it is possible to earn 1 Hi Dollar every 24 hours.
To partecipate you just need a Telegram or Whatsapp account; for the moment only the Ios App is available, but soon also one for Android will be available.
The main steps to follow are: - Go to the website and click on "Free signup with Telegram or Whatsapp" at the bottom of the page. - Open the Telegram or Whatsapp bot, select the language "English" (or any other of the languages available) - Click on "Click here to share phone number" to let the bot know the number associated with the Telegram or Whatsapp account - Choose your username - In the field where the invitation code is required you can enter: Alex153 - Click on "Claim daily rewards", in order to get the first 1 Hi Dollars; you first need to answer an easy question, but the answer is not important, as you'll get the HI anyway. - Come back every 24 hours to collect another 1 Hi Dollars; you can get the next HI after midnight Of course, the sooner you sign up, the more Hi Dollars you can get. At the moment the reward is 1 HI every day, but at the beginning for the first users it was 100 HI everyday, then 10, then 2,5, and now 1 (probably, once there will be more users) it will be less... To be able to withdraw them it will be necessary to carry out the KYC within 1 year (ID, selfie, etc, which any reliable project requires).

The very interesting thing is that you will get 0,50 HI from each of your referrals! Please note that also your referrals must complete the KYC within 1 year, otherwise the rewards you get from them are not counted, and will be burned.

To avoid a dump effect, you will be able to withdraw the HI after 1 year from the collection date.

The Team is proven, as the project was created by people who covered top positions in,, Alibaba group and other important companies.

At the moment the value of the HI on Coinmarketcap is 0,71 USD, but, once the community gets bigger, it will probably go up.

I have given you with my referral link, so, if you join through it, you will help me get more HI :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!

Discaimer: I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. I am an amateur investor.



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I am very interested in reading online articles, and I find investing in crypto definitely exciting!

My journey into crypto passive income
My journey into crypto passive income

It's been a long time since I have been trying, apart from actively investing in leading crypto and ICO, to get some save, and possibly constant, passive income; I'll be glad to share my experiences with the others, to avoid making the mistakes I have made, as, as you know for sure, not all the sources of these income are legit ;)

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